It’s Book Giveaway Time!

I’m sorry for another non-food post. I’ve had these few housekeeping things to take care of. Anyway, as I said on my Weight Loss Blog, I’ve been sitting on quite a few copies of the GreenLiteBites book and all they are doing is collecting dust in my closet. It’s time to give them away!

The (first) GreenLiteBites book is a full color, photograph rich, cookbook containing 80 pages of recipes from the first 3 years of GreenLiteBites. Here’s a peak inside…

Leave a comment to be entered in a random drawing for GreenLiteBites: Favorites From the First 3 Years. I’ll be picking 5 random winners from GreenLiteBites on September 20, 2011. If you aren’t one of the lucky winners use the code EX9MPHR6 when you order for 20% off! Click here to use the code today!

This is a multi-site giveaway! That’s right, I’m giving away 5 copies on each of my 5 websites. Feel free to enter on any or all sites…

Note: I will ship ANYWHERE! Only 1 entry per site will count.

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  1. Kathy


    I would like a copy please? I love your blog and your upbeat, fun attitude. You inspire me in every way: with healthy food ideas, weight loss, dealing with toddlers and I love your sense of humor. Plus you MAKE time to run………that’s just crazy :)

  2. Janice

    I like the ingredients you use to make your recipes.
    The ice cream made with frozen banana was really yummy!

  3. Emba

    Hi Roni,

    I’d love to win your book, I can’t usually enter giveaways as I live in New Zealand :) Thanks for being so generous!


  4. Suzie

    I am so inspired by your website and it has helped me to get my hubby to actually eat healthy food! :) I would love to win a copy!

  5. Sara Windsor

    Been following your site for years. You have made amazing progress in your journey and I believe that lead to some pretty fantastic life changing events. Would love a chance to win the cookbook! : )

  6. Barbara

    wow look at all the people.
    I love your recipes and you make my life easier with them.
    Love to win one.
    Ryan lunches looks great. I do not have any young children, but I thought the fish bread was cute and just got some for me.
    thanks for all the tips

  7. Sue Richmond

    Yours is the only blog I ever read…very informative and entertaining. I can’t believe you don’t have a TV show, yet. I’ve recommended you to several friends and family members. I’d love a copy of your book!

  8. Kasey

    I have printed off so many of your recipes posted on here that i have had to buy a three ring binder to keep them in. Your recipes are quick, easy, good, and family friendly. I havent purchased your cookbook, but it would be nice to add to the collection of your recipes i already have :)

  9. Vicki Caruana

    Roni, I love the fact that you share yourself with all of us. I am so encouraged and impressed by your willingness to completely open up and share your successes and your maybe not so great moments with us! You are such an inspiration and a great motivator for me! Thank you!

  10. Kathleen

    You even learnerd me how to cook spaghetti squash, and I had to grow it myself, no one heard of it here in Belgium :). Love your site!

  11. Leanne Kooima

    I started reading Green Lite Bites about 6 weeks ago and I love it. I use your inspiring recipes to make creations of my own…and would love to with the cookbook!

  12. Louise Yaghjian

    My daughter brought your cookbook when she came to visit. I live in FL and she lives in NJ.. I loved the book and we made many of your recipes when she was here..

  13. donna

    i love your site and all of your great insights on life. :). Your cookbook looks wonderful. i hope im lucky enough to win a copy! Id love it. thanks roni.

  14. Karina

    Hi Roni, i have just started receiving your great newsletters and fantastic recepies! I would dearly love one of your books, so if i get chosen as one of the lucky ones, your book will be heading to Cairns in Australia! My fingers are crossed..

  15. Julia Toth

    Hi Roni,

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, but haven’t commented yet. I find your recipes fun and inspiring! My favorite so far is probably the butternut squash stew, hmmmm, yum! Would be awesome to win your recipe book. Keep up the good work! Julia

  16. Kiersten

    Hi Roni,

    I visit your blog everyday for inspiration and have fallen in love with the greenlitbites site! :)
    Thank you for the opportunity to win your cookbook!!

  17. Kate

    Thank you so much for all of your super healthy, delicious recipes! Although a challenge at first, I’ve finally gotten my dad to eat a little healthier thanks to you :) Keep posting you’re fantastic!

  18. Allyson

    I would LOVE a copy of your book! I’ve been slowly losing weight, (YAY!!) but I really need to learn how to cook in a healthier way. Your book will definitely show me how!

  19. Kassie

    Roni, you’re so creative in your cooking!!! You’ve inspired me to shake the recipe up and “live a little”!! :) Thanks!!

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