Adventures in Baby Food Making and School Lunches

With school starting for a 1st grader, a 6 month old learning to eat, and a goal to cook more than we go out, I’m in the middle of a family food frenzy. My goal is to plan, plan, plan! Sunday I’m setting a dinner menu for the week to help me ward off the husband’s requests to eat out.

Anyway, I just wanted to take a minute and let you know about a few things that I have going on.

Adventures in Baby Food MakingFirst, I’m starting a series over on Baby’s First Year (I’ve been blogging there about Little Bean) called Adventures in Baby Food Making where I photo journal our experience making and trying some simple baby food ideas. Click here to see my first installment, The Microwaved Sweet Potato. If you are interested you can also click here to see all my Baby’s First Year posts. (UPDATE: Click here to see all our adventures!

Second, I added a new feature here on GreenLiteBites called School Lunch Ideas. You may have noticed a new link on the top sidebar. The plan is to snap a few photos of the Little Guy’s lunches and share how I TRY to get him to eat more than chicken nuggets and corn dogs at school. Click here to see the new page.

Lastly, did you know GreenLiteBites is turning 4 this fall. FOUR! I used to joke that this site was my second child. Now I actually have another child AND 4 years worth of food ideas. To celebrate I added an “On this day in GreenLiteBites History” feature which will automatically display a post from the same day (if there are any) of any year at the bottom of each post. How fun is that?!

Ok, I think that’s all the updates I have. I did experiment with a soup idea yesterday. Hope to have it up early this week.

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  1. Lyn

    I used to make all my own baby foods, Roni. It is so easy and fun! With things like your sweet potatoes as well as stuff like mashed pureed peas, green beans, squash, etc (which you just cook and puree with a bit of pear or apple juice) you can make a large batch and then freeze them in ice cube trays. Then just put the cubes in a baggie and label them. Easy to thaw or microwave a cube or two at mealtimes! And plain, fresh mashed ripe banana or avocado is always a healthy hit.

  2. Erin

    Hey Roni,

    I’ve been using your site for a year and I love all your recipes! I have a baby too and I am in a Weight Watchers rut. You said you were making a menu for the week… do you mind sharing it if you have a chance? I’m also trying to ward off my husbands tempting pleas to eat out! Thanks so much!

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