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A Simple Minted Mango Crêpe

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Yesterday I came home from a 3-day excursion at Mom’s to some wonderfully ripe Mangoes. I just HAD to do something with them this morning.

I didn’t have much of anything else in the house, so I hit the herb garden and made an old favorite, Low Fat Whole Grain Crêpe.

A Simple Minted Mango CrêpeWhat a fun, simple breakfast! I would have loved to mix in a little yogurt, but I was all out. In a way, I’m glad. I was able to just try the pure flavor combination of mango and mint. Let me tell you, it’s a winner! I’m already dreaming up a minted mango salsa to serve over tilapia tomorrow night. If it works out I’ll post it!

Here’s what I did this morning.

Here’s my ripe mango. I cut it using the porcupine technique. Click here to see the Little Guy and I show you how to do it on camera.

Here’s the quick overview…

Halve the mango on one side of the seed and cut a checkerboard pattern in the flesh.

Pop up to reveal the “porcupine.”

Cut off the small cubes of mango.

Roll the mint leaves together and cut into thin strips.

Mix together the mango and mint leaves, and chill while you make (or warm) the crêpe.

Pile the mango and mint into the center of the crêpe…

Roll and eat!

Side Note: The new WWP stumps me again. The crêpe is 2 WWPP, you decide how you want to “count” it.

Approx Nutritional Information per serving
Servings Amt per Serving
1 entire recipe
Calories Fat Fiber WWPs
205 1g 6g old: 3 new: 2 or 5
Sugar Sat Fat Carbs Protein
32g 0g 48g 5g

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    Katie D.

    June 27, 2011

    Hi Roni! This is so timely because I am currently posted in West Africa and we are *surrounded* by ripe, juicy mangoes that are simply falling off the trees. I can't wait to try this!


    June 27, 2011

    Holy cow! You have saved me so much time with this mango cutting technique. Me and my toddler love mangoes, but they take me forever to cut. Not anymore! Thanks!


    June 27, 2011

    If you have fresh basil in your herb garden, that is a HUGE hit with mango. I don't even like basil but with mango, I do. I was planning to make a mango salsa for chicken this weekend but just ran out of ooomph to make it happen. I have a mango and some serrano peppers. I also have some yellow anaheim peppers which are much more mild but I like zip! I was planning to cut up the mango, the pepper, some cilantro, and some purple onion. Just havne't done it yet. lol