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Grilled Portabello and Hummus Wrap

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Boredom. That’s usually where I get my ideas from.

Yesterday I was hungry but didn’t know what I wanted to eat. I was out of leftovers. The husband wasn’t home to tempt me with fast food. And I had no desire to make a BORING old ham sandwich.

Then I remembered I picked up two HUGE Portabello mushroom caps last weekend. They just looked so good I had to buy them.

But what to DO with them?

I considered making a Cheddar Pepper Stuffed Portabello Burger but I had no buns. :( Then I though about a Pressed Portabella Sandwich with Roasted Peppers and Red Onion but I didn’t feel like making something that messy.

So I continued to rummage through my fridge.

A ha! Hummus.

Oh! and I have wraps!

And of course, I always have a bag of baby spinach. :)

That’s it! The seed was planted for simple, tasty, wrap. And that’s exactly what I ended up with.

Here’s how I did it… Grilled Portabello and Hummus Wrap

  • 1 tbsp balsalmic vinegar
  • 1 tbsp red wine vinegar
  • 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 1/2 tsp onion powder
  • 1/2 tsp garlic powder
  • 1/2 tsp tried thyme
  • pinch of salt and pepper
  • 1 Portabello cap
  • 2 tbsp your favorite store bought hummus
  • A handful of baby spinach
  • Your favorite large Wrap or Tortilla

Mix the vinegars, honey, and spices.

Slice the Portabello about 1/4 of an inch thick (or thicker if you like the meaty texture.)

Put the vinegar mixture and sliced mushroom in a plastic baggy. Let sit for at least 20 minute. Longer the better.

Grilled Portabello and Hummus Wrap - marinade

When ready to make, grill the mushrooms 3-4 minutes a side based on thickness. I cooked mine in the George Foreman for about 3 minutes. (note: Save the marinade.)

Grilled Portabello and Hummus Wrap - grill

Smear the hummus on the wrap.

Grilled Portabello and Hummus Wrap - hummus

Top with the spinach.

Grilled Portabello and Hummus Wrap - spinach

Lay the grilled Portabello mushroom slices on top and drizzle with a bit of the marinade.

Grilled Portabello and Hummus Wrap

Wrap and EAT!

Nutritional information may vary with your wrap/tortilla. This is what I calculated using Trader Joe’s Whole Grain with Flax Tortilla

Approx Nutritional Information per serving
Servings Amt per Serving
1 entire recipe
Calories Fat Fiber WWPs
230 8g 9g old: 5 new: 6
Sugar Sat Fat Carbs Protein
5g 0g 36g 9g

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    April 15, 2011

    wow! that looks great, and has a lot of protein. I wanted to tell you Roni that I got those wraps, which my husband insisted he wouldn't like and he...LOVES them. Oh yeah another win for you:)


    April 15, 2011

    This looks good! And it's vegan (I'm on a vegan diet right now). I'm definitely trying soon.


    April 17, 2011

    Hi, I just found your blog and I am definitely going to keep up with it. I have a boyfriend who is JUST AS PICKY as your husband, if not more, so it's interesting to read what he will eat. My bf has the same diet -- Mac & Cheese, processed foods, etc. I eat a more healthy lifestyle with fresh and frozen veggies, lean meats, and healthy fats. Can't wait to keep reading!


    April 17, 2011

    This looks just wonderful. I love hummus and portobella mushrooms. I so admire how you can just look in the fridge and come up with such wonderful dishes. I have to use a recipe. This is on the MUST try soon list.


    April 17, 2011

    Have you tried to make your own hummus? It's cheaper and so much tastier! 1 can chick peas 1 Tbs tahini 1 tsp garlic 1 tsp lemon juice salt and pepper to taste I vary it depending on my mood. I add roasted red pepper or jalepenos with accompanying spices. It is AWESOME!


    April 17, 2011

    I have and I don't buy tahini so I made it with some sesame oil..


    April 19, 2011

    I made these for dinner tonight, with Cilantro and Chive yogurt dip from Trader Joe's and the whole wheat sandwich thins (buns). Very tasty!


    May 10, 2011

    YUMMMM! made these tonight~ WONDERFUL! thankyou so much for all the awesome ideas! My roomie is a dietician and I am a nursing student, and we love you and all your delicious meal ideas!!!

    tylonious maximi

    July 25, 2012

    this was delish to the max, bra. have been un in the heezy with this fo sheezy? It was definitely lish after bakin on dat nice ganja blunt yee buddy