Buy the Book! GreenLiteBites: Favorites From the First 3 Years

I’m freaking out as I type this. The book is here. It’s done. It’s available for sale.

There. I said it. phew.

Now I can tell you about it. :) It contains about 60 recipes from the last 3 years. The idea behind the book is to share just that, IDEAS! I wanted it to inspire you.

In addition to the ideas, there are suggestions on how to modify recipes if you don’t have all the ingredients, a brief intro that dives into my history a bit and a little about my pantry. My mission is to get more people to cook, plain and simple. I hope my ideas, this blog and the book show you that cooking can be fun.

Ok, I’m going to shut up now. I think I’m babbling due to nerves. :) Click here to hop over to the GreenLiteBites: Favorites From the First 3 Years book page to peek inside and buy your copy today!

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  1. Cindy

    I got mine! I cannot wait – I love the pictures, the image cropping and your typesetting – kudos to your designer! I can’t wait to look through all the recipes – I’m really excited! Congratulations! Look at all you’ve done – what an inspiration you are to all of us!

  2. Laurie

    Any chance you can have a supplement on GLB that show that Carbs for each recipe so that us WW followers can calculate the Points plus amount?

    Thanks! It looks wonderful and is quite an accomplishment!

    Want a great contest idea…a personalized signed copy :)

  3. roni

    Laurie – I don’t feel comfortable doing it quite yet as I’m still confused by the new points and recipes. Most of my ideas are heavy on the fruit and veggies, throwing off the point counts (I believe) if you calculate on Nutrition Info alone. Once I have a pow wow with Weight Watchers and clear up the best way to calculate recipes I will totally add a supplement!

  4. Laura

    Just ordered a copy of the book! So excited to see it, and to be able to support Roni in some way (I hope you’re actually going to have a profit from it). I ordered it from Amazon… hope that didn’t cut into profits too much either.

  5. Courtney

    Hi Roni,

    Just got mine! Looks totally awesome. Lots of full color pictures. I love it. I’m sure it will quickly become one of my “go to” books.


  6. Fiona

    Hi Roni, long time lurker here! I ordered your book last Thursday and it made it all the way to Ireland in just a few days! I can’t wait to have a proper browse through it tonight, but at first glance the photos and graphics look aweseome. Congrats to you :-)


  7. Melanie

    Got the book today!! Love it!! It’s a cold icy snowy day here in NEPA .. Whipped up a batch of Banana Oatmeal Cups with Chocolate Chips! Came out great and super yummy!

  8. Hyla

    Hello there! I am going to use some of our taxes to make this purchase! I believe in purchasing from individuals and the fact that you went through a journey just like the one I am starting!

    Congratulations on your published book! I will purchase it in a few days when we see some moola!


  9. Christine

    I got my copy – yay!! I made the blueberry pancakes and my son loved them! He is slowly coming around to eating less processed food – thanks to recipes like this! :-)

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