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I feel like I haven’t posted in weeks when it’s really only been 3 days. I need to touch base. First and foremost, I’m so excited to announce my new Partnership with The Laughing Cow.

I am one of their new Community leaders and am very excited for the opportunity to work with them. Click here to check out my mini bio on their Friends page.

All Buddy Buddy with The Laughing CowWithout getting into all the nitty gritty this basically means I’ll be writing posts for the Laughing Cow blog (click here to check mine out so far) as well as using their products here on GreenLiteBites. If you aren’t a Laughing Cow fan, have no fear, every post will not revolve around cheese. I promise!

Those that are fans can keep tabs on this new page that will highlight all ways I have used The Laughing Cow products. I already have a few up there and some were posted way before I partnered with them. Honestly, I’ve always been a fan and I’m so happy be working with them now.

Besides the fun Laughing Cow news I’ve been working my butt off on a few things. Namely the GreenLiteBites cookbook WHICH should be available very, very soon! I’m self-publishing and still learning but the hard part is done. The book is written and designed. Now I’m down to the fine details. I will keep you posted.

I also launched a fun new site called Poop Butterflies. Go ahead chuckle. It’s funny. That’s why I named it that. :) Plus I’m HUGE Dr. Seuss fan!

All of this and Yahoo decided to showcase an article I was in about weight loss. I’ve gotten an influx of emails and traffic. It’s fabulous yet overwhelming. I’ve been having a hard time keeping up. So please.. PLEASE bear with me. I have about 2 ideas waiting in the wings to post and that never happens. Normally I post the day I cook and I really want to keep it that way.

Ok, must go. Please let me know if you have any Laughing Cow questions or would like to share an idea. I’m all ears!

Full Disclosure: I have partnered with the Laughing Cow. They compensate me to provide content for thier blog as well using thier products here on GreenLiteBites. However, as always, any thoughts and opinions expressed in this post and on any of my blogs are my own.

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  1. Reinaldo

    As a NON US fan, it took me a while to realize what was all this talk about that mammal laughing thing. And I’m pretty sure I do have feta cheese available here, just as I’m dead sure we don’t call it FETA here. I mean, I have like 50 different cheeses to choose from, the feta you spoke about a few months ago should be there somewhere.

    ANYWAYS! Loving your site. I just discovered it yesterday from Yahoo (Kidding! Ya know from all the fitness bloggers out there, I stalk… I mean follow you the most)so even when I’m lost in traslation when it’s cheese related, I can always re-do your recipes with a different cheese. But if you do live in the US, do go Laughing Cow! It seems very healthy, for what I read so far. And go to Fotbloggin’ too, you dumbass! You live right there, why miss the oppotunity I don’t have?

  2. Ash

    Oh! That’s so exciting. =) I love your recipes, so methinks I’ll definitely be snagging that book when it’s available for grabs. Go you!!

  3. Ashley

    You don’t know how excited I was to read that you are publishing a cookbook!!!!!! I’ve been in hopes for this book for a long time. I’m so happy for you and a huge congrats!! Also, “Poop Butterflies” is a crack up! I can’t wait to check it out today.

  4. roni

    Are you trying to tell me something? ;)

    My blog may be off the cuff but the book definitely won’t be. I’ve gone two rounds with a pro editor.

  5. Teresa Cook

    I LOVE IT!! I have been on WW for about 5 years on and off…I have four children and every time I’d get near or at my goal weight I’d get pregnant!!
    Ha! can’t wait for your cookbook!!

  6. Becca

    Congrats. So exciting and I can’t wait for the book. BTW, I just made a breakfast sandwhich this morning using laughing cow swiss wedge. Based on your inspiration it had a scrambled egg white with dill, a light LC swiss wedge, two pieces of shaved turkey all on a deli flat. YUM! I should have added spinach or some veggie but I am running low. Need to hit the store!

  7. Heather

    I had Laughing Cow Swiss on half a raisin bagel this morning, yum! Love the stuff. Can’t wait for the cookbook too. Tonight we are going to try cooking Quinoa for the first time.

  8. NYCPatty

    Congratulations! I LOVE cheese! Seriously I can eat cheese all day long and in my sleep! (not really but you know what I mean I love it!)LOL

    Must try the pear turkey sandwich….so easy! You’re brilliant!

  9. African Mango

    Haha, I remember that famous cow logo from when I was a kid, I’ve seen countless knockoffs of it too in China town! I’m so happy for you, the Laughing Cow cheese is honestly one of my faves! congrats for being able to write about such a quality product… mmmm so creamy!

  10. Laura

    Dude, can’t believe I just did that… spelled your name phonetically. So sorry. Was trying to comment quickly and get back to work, and that’s what I get. :)

  11. RG

    I haven’t gotten on the Vache Qui Rit bandwagon yet (though I love that their name is a bastardization of Valkyrie). Do you want to do a post about what makes them better than “real” cheese? It’s on sale this week at $9/lb. I can get string cheese or individual 1oz cheese for much less than that. I understand that it spreads well, and that it’s pasteurized to be shelf-stable, both of which make me want to compare it to Velveeta, except expensive. I’m obviously missing a clue. What’s the story?

  12. roni

    I don’t think it is better. It’s just good in it’s own right. Personally, I like it because of the light varieties. As a cheese and cracker fanatic being able to pull out a wedge of laughing cow light for 35 cals and spread it on some crackers is a lifesaver and helps me with portion control. I also use it instead of “regular” cheese slices on my sandwiches to get my cheese fix with about half the cals and fat as a slice of american or muenster–which is what I used to use.

    So no story, really, I’m just a fan of a cheese product that I find tasty and helps me keep my cheese addiction at bay.

  13. RG

    Fair enough. I find the cost prohibitive, but other people may not care as much. And I guess I’ve gotten over the low-fat craze when I think that real (full-fat) cheese has more flavor and I’d rather cut the calories with a low-carb wrap or eating the cheese with vegetables instead of crackers. Different strokes…

  14. roni

    Totally agree. To each there own. I know not all will be or are fans of it. I must add it’s the only cheese I buy a light variety of because it is different. Something about that spreadable wedge is just tasty to me that I don’t even notice it’s “light.”

  15. john-paul

    Roni, congrats on all the success! Youre an inspiration, both in weight loss and blogging! As a Laughing Cow lover, I’m truly stoked about your new partnership!


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