Deep Dish Crescent Pizza Casserole The Video!

We’ve been severely slacking in video department here on GreenLiteBites. Blame the pregnancy and my new kitchen but I just haven’t been able to find my video groove lately. We are going to try to get back to our once a week recording sessions in the new year.

A few days ago, I saw this tweet from @onemomsworld

Do you have a Pillsbury Crescent recipe? We would love for you to share it… your recipe could win $1,000!

@onemomsworld is really Jen Houck Spink and she is a blogger and finalist in the Pillsbury Crescent Cook contest. We got a chance to meet at a conference a few months ago and I loved her entry, Chicken Pot Pie. She also blogs at

Anyway, this is a long intro to my latest video. She inspired me to enter the contest so I recorded Little Man and I making our Deep Dish Crescent Pizza Casserole last night. I have two versions of the movie, one 30 minute unedited (that’s from beginning to end by the way, we do everything on camera except wait for it to bake) and one edited that I’m going to enter into the contest. I decided to post both here just for fun. I’d love your thoughts on my edited becuase it took me hours! Which is why I don’t normally edit our videos. I’m much more of a “raw” one take, reality kind of video blogger. ;)

Here’s the unedited…

And the edited….

and the REALLY edited… I realized post fact I needed it to be 90 second to enter. This was killer to do and it totally cracks me up…

I have to admit, editing was fun but MAN I’m not sure I have the patience. It’s very time consuming!

Click here for the Deep Dish Crescent Pizza Casserole Recipe complete with pictures.

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  1. Lisa

    I honestly like the unedited version.. Ryan is so adorable… your just like all us mom’s in the kitchen..dont worry about changing your videos.. :)

  2. Laurie Ann

    This is one of my families new go-to dishes. The only thing I do different is I mix the sauce with the meats/veggies . I think it comes out a little less wet that way but all in all a great dish!

  3. Lindsay

    Do you think you could make it ahead and then freeze it and bake it the night you want to eat it? Would you leave off the top cresant roll and then put it on top the day of and bake it?

  4. roni

    Lindsay – I totally think it will freeze well! Saving the top is a great idea but I’m sure it would be fine if you added it as well. I bet you others have frozen it. Let’s see what they think.

  5. girliefriend

    Yum! Adding this to my list. Do you use regular crescents or the reduced fat? Is there much of a difference in taste? I notice the nutritional info is for your cheesy tuna burgers…

  6. CindMoore

    Oh my, this got me thinking about making it with different flavor profiles…Maybe an Indian version that would be like a take off on a samosa with curry powder and peas, potato and chickpeas mixed with the meat. Or a Mexican version with salsa, cilantro, corn, bell pepper and black beans…Hungarian with lots of mushrooms, onions, shredded cabbage, sour cream, dill weed and paprika…or…or…or…
    Thanks Roni!

  7. Jen @ One Moms World

    Look at your cute baby bump! Ok… so I was finally able to log on and see the videos. Roni… honestly my friend you did awesome on the editing. You definitely have my vote and you better win the best video.

    As soon as we get home, I am so doing this recipe :)

    Big KUDOS!!!

  8. deana

    definitely the unedited version!! But I’m a little prejudice, I could watch your videos all day. So glad that Ryan is in the video , thanks for sharing.I am going to make this after Christmas, seems like a comfort food.

  9. Bonnie Richmon

    All I had time for this morning, was to listen to the 90 second version. WOW…that was fast. BUT…it was good…just like always.

  10. Liz

    I don’t know if you’ve seen these in your grocery store but they now have the cresent rolls in a solid sheet so its just one sheet with no cuts or anything.

    Looks super yummy Roni! I think it’s a winner :)

  11. Carin

    Good job, sweetie… don’t get annoyed at me being a pedant, but preggo brain struck in your final caption – check out the typo!

    It’s a bit like one of those “life flashing before your eyes” scenes in a movie… I just need to edit out all the bad food choices and I can fast-forward to goal weight in.. oh, about 90seconds!

  12. Carin

    Blimey – if it’s a pain for a technical whizz like you to correct, it’d be near impossible for me!

    It was interesting seeing a recipe with an American “readymade” product – I see stuff using cornbread mixes on other blogs but we don’t really get those here.

    Love the bump and the little guy – he’s far better behaved than my almost 4 year old (but that might be because she eggs on the almost 2 year old)… oh, the fun you’ll have with 2 kids!

  13. Dawn

    I made a pizza out of the Pillsbury whole wheat pizza crust. Here are the ingredients:

    4oz. grilled boneless skinless chicken breast cut into small cubes
    4oz. low-fat Mozzeralla Cheese
    1/2 of one each:
    sweet yellow, red, orange pepper
    one container of baby portabella mushrooms
    One medium red onion
    1 Tblsp. olive oil
    8 tblsp. Sweet Chili Sauce

    I unrolled the pizza crust and cut it into four equal square single serve pizzas. I rolled the edges on all four sides. I followed the package directions for baking the crust.
    I sliced the cheese in thin slices (from a block of cheese)and then added 1 oz. onto the crust and baked until melted.
    I then sliced the peppers & onion like you do for stir-fry and cut the mushrooms in half. Then I tossed them in the olive oil with salt & pepper. I put them in the oven to roast.
    I then tossed the chicken in a bowl with 2 Tblsp. of sweet chili sauce.Then added this to the veggies and tossed.
    Once this was done I divided into four servings and added the mixture to the top of the pizza crust.

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