Produce Pick: Kohlrabi

As I mention in the video we joined a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture.) For those of you that don’t know, basically that means I pay a yearly feel to pick up my weekly “share” of produce that’s grown on the farm. Every week is a little different based on what’s in season and what they harvested. It ends up to be $30 a week and I’m sure I spend that already at the grocery store. Actually I’m interested in how much, if any, my grocery bill will decrease because of this. I’ll let you know.

What this does mean is LOTS of new stuff to experiment with here on GreenLiteBites! In my very first share last week I received at least 5 things I never heard of and Kohlrabi won for this weeks produce pick. I have a feeling we’ll be doing more and more produce pick videos this year. ;)

Click here to search LocalHarvest to find a CSA farm near you!

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  1. Krista S.

    Maybe you could use the leaves (& chocolate) in a green smoothie? This video was so much fun to watch!

  2. Nic

    Haven’t had time to watch the vid but here in Switzerland Kohlrabis are quite popular!! I acutally grew up eating and loving them! ;)
    Have fun with them!! And my favorite way to eat them is raw! Love the flavor!

  3. Hila

    We used to eat Kohlrabi when I was a kid in Israel. When we moved to the US and my mom would get broccoli with a large stock, she would peal it and give it to us a snack and also called that Kohlrabi, so you are right they do taste VERY similar. I love to snack on it now as an adult, and I can usually find it in the International Grocery stores. :)

  4. Maria

    The ethusiasm with which Ryan just starts munching the leaves and then eating the slices is priceless!!! Well done Roni and Ryan!

  5. shandy (@webgals)

    I tried Kohlrabi for my first time last year from my CSA as well. GREAT on salads! I need to pick some up at the farmer’s market. Thanks for the reminder about it.

  6. Phebe

    You are such an inspiration Roni! Today we stopped by a farmer’s market and picked up kohlrabi and fennel. We enjoyed the kohlrabi in slices with just a tad of salt, and I’m looking forward to making your spinach fennel soup later. Thanks for the produce pick ideas!

  7. Barbara

    Kohlrabis are apparently more popular in Europe than in the USA. Because I’m from Europe and I was surprised that it’s a new vegetable for you since it’s probably one of the vegetables that is most often found in my fridge.

    As someone suggested you can use it in salads (I think it tastes somewhere between a broccolli and a radish). I also often use it in vegetable soups (I’m missing the right expression here, not really soups, but those dishes that you can throw pretty much everything in your fridge into)because it’s nice to use something green (I use the leaves in soups as well) and it bulks them up a bit.

    But as you discovered it is actually the most tasty raw.

  8. Carla

    Hey Roni,

    I’ve followed your blog for a while and just noticed that we belong to the same CSA, Flying Plow. Small world! I’m now depending on you to come up with amazing recipes for our shares, okay? No pressure. ;)

  9. Carla

    We pick up on Tuesdays but my sister works at the farm on Fridays. How about you? Does Ryan go with you? My little guy, Mason went last week and picked peas. What an adorable site!

  10. Reinaldo

    WOW, so jealous abot this CSA thing, if I would got something like that here I’ll be totally in! Loved the leaf fight =) I’m feeling so old now, watching Ryan… when I started following you, from him I just got some “baba dahdah MOM dadadahhh” and now he talks! And now he´s big, and a tall boy. OMG did you heared that sound? It’s the calendar falling on me

  11. Carla

    I meant to respond to your comment a while ago, oops! My sister’s name is Colette but she works at the farm early on Fridays (8am – 12 pm) so she wouldn’t be there when you pick up. It was nice of you to ask though! :)

    Seeing my sister completely wiped out after just being there for one day makes me even more thankful for all the hard work that Sara and Tom do on a daily basis!

  12. Carley

    Ok I tried it, it was good but I don’t really want to eat it plain. So I put it in fried rice and it was a perfect addition! Thanks for getting me to eat some veggies Roni, but I have to give lots of the credit to Ryan though! I figured if he was willing to try it I could too.

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