Makin’ Whole Wheat Banana Muffins

Little guy, friends and I make an old favorite of ours, 100% Whole Wheat Banana Muffins. As I say in the video, this is one of the first recipes I posted here on GreenLiteBites. It’s a completely homemade, whole grain, sugarless, muffin that’s high in fiber and low fat. Plus it’s super easy and pretty fast. Even with juggling a 4 year old, batman and power rangers I get the batter completed in 20 minutes while recording. Not too bad. :)

Click here to see the original 100% Whole Wheat Banana Muffin post with the recipe.

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  1. Mo

    Your son is ADORABLE.
    I totally agree about the weighing of ingredients. I always give my weight measurements first and then include the volumetric measurements in parentheses because that’s almost always how I measure ingredients, especially flour.

  2. Sarah

    What the What!? Roni – I just searched for meatloaf because I wanted to try a turkey meatloaf recipe. I thought for SURE you would have one on here!!!!

  3. Sarah

    YES! I thought you’d call it meatloaf :)

    I skimmed the “turkey” recipes, but that took too long.

    I’m going to attempt a version of this RIGHT NOW.

  4. smilinggreenmom

    This is such an adorable video with you and your little guy!! Thanks so much :) I would love to know the difference between white whole wheat and brown whole wheat? Is the white bleached? Do they have the same nutritional content? We found a great whole wheat called Kamut Khorasan Wheat and we love the taste and texture, so thinking maybe I will use Kamut on tis! TY!!

  5. roni

    The quick answer.. although I should write a post about this..

    Whole wheat flour uses all three parts of the wheat grain, bran, germ, and endosperm.

    White flour only uses the endosperm and is normally bleached and then “enriched” with nutrients.

    White Whole Wheat is actually a different wheat grain. I *think* (may have to look it up) that flour is traditionally made from red wheat while white whole wheat uses albino wheat which is actually lighter.

    So white whole wheat is still WHOLE while white flour is processed.

    Personally I don’t buy traditional white flour anymore. I make me best effort to only use whole flours when cooking. I like the challenge of it and it makes me feel like I’m doing my part to get good stuff in my family. They get enough of the processed crap when we are our.

    Hope that helps!


  6. Tamara

    I agree about the whole flour sentiment Roni! I like knowing my recipes have at least a bit of fiber to them.

    These muffins were the first recipe of yours I ever made. I expected my husband to balk at the texture since they aren’t quite the same as typical muffins, but he loves them! Of course, I also add a few dark chocolate chips to them at his request. I figure because they’re so healthy, I can get away with that. I also make a variation by replacing the banana and chocolate chips with blueberries and zucchini (and adding cinnamon), but following the same base recipe. I took bath varieties to a mom’s group for snack a few weeks ago and they got rave reviews!

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