Produce Pick: Pummelo (aka Pumelo, Pomelo)

It’s been too long since we’ve done a video and even longer since we’ve done a produce pick. This week we try the pummelo.. with some friends. :)

As I say in the video, we researched a bit and watched this video about how to peel one. We may not have done it perfectly but it was all we needed to get started!

Any pummelo fans out there? How do you peel it? Do you eat it straight up or use it in recipes? Any uses for all that rind??

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  1. Dana

    I spotted these in the store awhile back and was curious but didn’t buy. Do you remember the cost of the pummelo?

    Also, I thought of you today when my daughter called to say that Aldi was having great deals on produce this week!

  2. Dana

    Thanks Roni. That price seems reasonable to give them a try. I remember pricing the pomegranate after you posted that video and and they were about double that price.

  3. allijag

    I’ve been dying to try one of those but I can’t find them right now in Cleveland! :( LOVE that top Roni – so cute – is it newer/still in stores?? :)

  4. Brandy

    I really like pummelos–I enjoy the taste between an orange and a grapefruit. I usually dig one of my nails or a spoon into the side and peel like an orange. I love putting these in my lunch because they are so big that I feel like I’m getting a real treat! I bet they would be good in a trifle (instead of grapefruit), but I’ve never tried anything but eating them by themselves.

  5. liz

    how fun! i’ve never tried pummelo; will have to add it to the ‘to try’ list. i love trying new produce items. last week i tried parsnips and rutabaga. loved the parsnips!

  6. Sarah

    i’ve eaten pummelo a couple times at work (still don’t know where to get them, but 1 of my coworkers brings them). apparently, we do it wrong…but, we cut it in half (like a grapefruit), then cut off the rind, then peel out or use a fork to get the segments. it basically is like a pink grapefruit, but even sweeter :-)

  7. Jennie

    Pith? Rind, pith, then fruit? Not sure, but I wanna try the pummelo too. I love grapefruit, i should love this too. :)

  8. Teresa

    I love them! I eat them often although they are time consuming to peel. I cut it in half then peel the rind off. I think the skin is bitter so I peel that off too. I end up with strictly the fruit, like grapefruit segments.

  9. Jessica

    I lived in Israel for 9 months and they had pummelos there for very cheap! I loved them! You just peel it like you would an orange. My friends and I would just eat them straight. They’re juicy, sweet and filling. Yum…

  10. Margaret

    Does anyone know where I could buy fresh Pumelos online or maybe by mail? I miss eating Pumelo, grew up in Hawaii where Pumelo were readily available. Please tell me where I could buy them by mail or online. Thank you.

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