Baked Rotini

Another meal from start to end this week. This time I use some leftover sauce and whip up a baked favorite.

Recipes I mention in the video…

Oh! I almost forgot. He totally ate it. There was a bit whining and fuss. He told me he “doesn’t like spinach!” and then proceeded to only eat the noodles. But he ate it all the same!

No complaints from the husband. This is his kind of meal. :)

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  1. Tiger G

    First I have to say you’re so cute in your videos. You always make me laugh, I love your style.
    My son has an egg allergy so I have learned to cook almost everything without them. I make a dish similar to this. Anytime I cook with a ricotta type mixture, I use about a tablespoon of fat free half&half instead of an egg and it works great! In baked goods I use a tablespoon of yogurt for every egg and it’s awesome because things bake faster and it’s less calories. You should try it sometime. Thanks for the videos and great recipes.

  2. Allyson Estes

    The glasses look good on you!! Great choice of lenses. :)

    As for the food…sounds yummy!! Will have to add this one to my meal plan for the week.


  3. Tammy C.

    Great Idea… I will for sure be trying this during the week. Love the new glasses and the t-shirt is so cute…where did you get it?

  4. roni

    Tammy – Shirt is actually from Target. I bought it last year and forgot to wear it. It’s been in my closet with the tag for 12 months! lol

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