The Frozen Chicken Slow Cooker Experiment

The title really says it all so I’m not going to set this up much. I will say everyone ate dinner without complaint EXCEPT for the husband when it came to the couscous, of course. Toddler and I both enjoyed it very much. Actually it was my favorite part of the meal. Especially with a bite of chicken on the fork. :)

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  1. Sheri J

    So cool! Dinner in less than 15 minutes!

    Question for you. Why did the hubs complain about the couscous if it had the same flavor as the chicken? It’s just pasta right?

    Here’s a link to Alton Brown’s brown rice.

    link to

    It can save you time and money too if you fix it while something else is in the oven on the weekend, then keep it in the fridge or freezer to have on hand. Just as quick as the as the Minute Rice with a little forethought, AND you could do an experimental vid on it too!

  2. Krista S.

    I’ve been making frozen meats in the crock pot for about 20 years with no ill effects and my mom has been doing it far longer than that. Some people say that this is super bad and that the meat stays in the “danger zone” temperature range for too long, but honestly, we’ve never had a problem with it. (obviously, use your own best judgment!) I cooked a 5# frozen solid pork shoulder in mine yesterday and after 8 hours on high, it was falling apart. I have a similar crock pot to yours and I kind of think mine cooks too hot. We call it the “turbo crock” because even on low, it cooks hot and fast.

    Love your bbq sauce idea and I can’t wait to try the cous cous like that. Totally YUM!

  3. Kathy in VA

    Roni – I just found your site this week and have to say, I love you (and the toddler)! Thank you so much for creating this wonderful site. I’m trying this recipe tonight and the turkey sausage one tomorrow.
    Have a great weekend.
    Kathy in VA

  4. Dana

    Roni – I’m excited you are cooking with the crockpot. Many days this is the only way we get a decent meal at a decent time! I almost always put frozen meat in the crockpot and have never had an issue.

    I only have one recipe that I put pasta in the crockpot and it’s a spaghetti one where you put the spaghetti in dry. Otherwise the pasta does turn to mush.

    Porkchops with some type of tomato based sauce will also be very tender and almost fall apart when cooked in the crockpot.

  5. jen (@bwJen)

    Hey Roni,

    So many thing on this video made me giggle! I am the same way about chicken. I want the breast meat but the kid and husband love the legs! I have never used frozen meat but I am definitely going to try (just bought ton of chicken at grocery – packages of split breast and legs were on sale for $.98/pound) experimenting with your experiment. Someone else commented that they have turbo crock and I swear mine is like that but I should have no excuse I am home most days by 3.

    I do the same thing with the plates and the meal. My meals almost always have a meat, a starch and a veg! The only time I buy anything frozen is if they are on sale so whatever package it comes in! ;-) It is just easier to plate in the kitchen – there are only 3 of us too!

    Thanks for the video! I loved it!

    <3 jen

  6. Christie

    I have never tried cooking frozen meat in the crockpot but after hearing so many people say it worked, I think I’ll try it one of those days that I forget to take something out the night before to thaw. I also have the “turbo” crockpot. It seems to burn most things if you cook for 8 hours – even on low.

  7. Dawn

    I use my crockpot at least once a week (it’s a huge time saver after we get home from work). If you want to add pasta to it you need to wait to put it in until 30-60 minutes before you’re going to eat. Make sure there’s enough liquid in the crockpot b/c the pasta will soak it up. Also, we plug our crockpot into a timer so that it turns itself on at a certain time (so that it doesn’t overcook). I’m happy to say that we’ve never gotten sick b/c of meat temperatures. I love cooking in the crockpot!

  8. paul concepcion

    hi! to be honest i was actually looking for an article about frozen shoulder but i ended up here.. but still i have abolutely have no regrets in watching the video.. hahaha.. by the way your preety cute.. again.. great blog.. ^^,

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