Quick Sausage and Pepper Dinner Idea


I did my old trick of turning on the camera after coming home to record myself making dinner. This time it was Sausage and Peppers over pasta in a quick tomato based sauce. I didn’t have time to snap a photo and calculate nutritional information so no recipe write up for now.

However, I WILL be making it again as the husband LOVED It even though he grumbled when I told him what I was making. The child, on the other hand, ate all the pasta and peppers but found the sausage too spicy. Next time I’ll use the sweet. :)

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  1. Sara

    Hi Roni,
    It’s Sara again!!! I had the dishtowel question for you the other day and now I have another! We have the same countertops as you I think. Formica?? Anyway I notice you keep settting very hot pans on yours without a pot holder??? Does that do anything to your counters? I am really worried about burning mine.
    Thanks for always getting back to me. Great video! You made me hungry!

  2. Krista S.

    I have an onion holder just like your one for garlic! I love that thing. It really keeps the cut onion odor at bay.

    Your dinner looks delish.

  3. erinsgrammy

    Hi Roni, I was watching this video and absolutely drooling! (what a visual) I have sausage in my freezer and all the rest of the ingredients, including peppers from my garden (the silly plant is still producing in November! Go figure.) I actually prefer stewed tomatoes instead of diced, but have either, and I have all the different herbs, too, so I absolutely know what I’m fixing for our supper tomorrow might. I also have squash I can put in, but may pass on that until I see how DH likes the basic dish. He probably will want the Parmesan cheese, and I may use a bit of mozzarella, with a salad, and a slice of garlic toast. It will be such a simple feast! Thanks so much for your hard work.
    (I might try mushrooms, too. That sounds sort of good.)

  4. Michele

    Great looking dish. I wanted to comment on the Lancaster farm stand..over the summer we stopped at the farm stand across from hayloft candles, and I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Red peppers .25, tomatoes .10, I wanted to bring everything back to LI with me, I too am a food nerd.

  5. jenny

    Hi Roni,

    I’m so happy to see your video and is good and funny,it is my first time to come here to watch your video, and the little boy is your son, right? so cute,and the meal looks delicious.

    A chinese girl,


  6. Andrea

    Hi Roni – I’m a co-worker of your husband’s (you and I met at last year’s holiday party) and I think you are very inspiring! Just watched your video of making the sausage and peppers and I totally want to make it now.
    Congrats to you for all you have accomplished!

  7. erinsgrammy

    Hi, Roni, several days I told you I was going to make this dish for our supper. I finally did that very thing tonight, and my husband’s comment was “DON’T lose that recipe!” He and I both were thrilled at the taste and ease of the dish. I used fusilli pasta (what I had) and of course I cooked too much pasta, but it freezes. My DH went back for seconds, and I told him he better save some for me for lunch, or even breakfast, tomorrow. He said he didn’t need seconds, but it was soooo good, he couldn’t resist. It was absolutely terrific (sp?) and I promise I won’t lose the recipe. Girl, you ROCK!

  8. Jennifer

    Hi Roni, I made this dish the other night (except with veggie sausage links – my partner is vegetarian:), and it was very yummy! I’m new to your website, and am looking forward to trying more recipes!

  9. Alex

    This looks SO delish- I’m going to suggest to my mom that we make it for Sunday family dinner. I’ll volunteer to make it even since it looks easy peasy. Thanks Roni!

  10. laurie

    i can’t believe i have NEVEr had sausage and peppers! it looks great, and so fast to make. can you be more specific as to what kind of sausage to buy? does is have a casing on it that needs to be taken off? i think that is why i have never coooked it–i have not idea how to “prep” it!

  11. roni

    Laurie – I use this brand because it’s common in my area…

    link to shadybrookfarms.com

    No prep needed! Simply cook and eat! Sometimes I cut them (like in the video) prior to cooking so they don’t take as long but that’s about it.

    Sausage, peppers and onion is one of my all time fav food combos! So I was glad when I found a lighter alternative to regular higher fat sausages.

    Hope that helps!

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