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Ask Roni Questions Answered

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This week I decided to answer a few reader questions. Topics include…

  • Messy Kitchens
  • My Take on Tofu
  • Tips on Experimenting in the Kitchen

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    August 9, 2009

    I so look forward to your posts =D I know I am a dork lol Even though you have flaws you seem like super mom....messy kitchen and all lol I made a recipe of yours tonight for dinner so good! I am gonna post on the recipe though that tried it (the butternut squash carrot stew.....YUM!)


    August 9, 2009

    I love your blog & have been incorporating many of you ideas into my day to day cooking. I am an experimental cook like you, so many times I just use your stuff as a blueprint & tweak it to meet my family's tastes, what we have on hand, or where we shop (almost exclusively Trader Joe's). I have a 3.5 year old & a husband about as open to new things as I feel you! On the subject of tofu, I thought I could lend you some advice. I was raised a vegetarian, so I have lots of tofu experience (I now happily eat animals ;)). I too do not care much for large chunks, and could never convince the husband to eat it in even a stirfry. One great way to incorporate it is in ricotta based dishes. My mom used to mix cottage cheese and tofu in the food processor with eggs & spices for her lasagna. Also great in desserts like cannolis & cheesecakes. The key is to substitute SOME not ALL of the "regular" ingredients. Another great way to eat it is as "jerky". Thin squares marinated in your favorite marinade (think teriyaki) & then dried off & baked on a cookie sheet at the lowest temp for a long time. It gets a very firm, chewy texture & is great for a take along snack. My son "gummed" on it as a baby. Sorry for such a long comment, but hope some of this helps!

    Kristine B

    August 10, 2009

    Oh Roni, I totally love you! Believe me, the insider view of your current tiny, cluttered kitchen was great. And your advice to "clean what you can as you can and let the rest go" is something we all need to remember! Thanks for being you!


    August 10, 2009

    You are definitely a food blogger in my book! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on what it means to cook. I always tell people that cooking is mostly about being willing to take risks and try something new. You don't need to be fancy or follow the trends, just go with the flow.


    August 12, 2009

    Great video Roni. I too don't like the texture of tofu, except I have been buying "ground" tofu. It is kind of like eating ground meat. I have used it as part of a taco salad/shells meal or even as part of a meat sauce for pasta. It seems to be more meat like and is really yummy.