Produce Pick: Gooseberries & Peas

We’re baaaaack. :) Just a short video this week where the child and I share some produce picks from our local farmers market.

The first is the gooseberry. According to gooseberries are only 66 calories a cup with 1g of fat and a whopping 6g of fiber.

The second are raw, shelled peas. The toddler, oops! I mean “the child” totally fell in love with these. He ate so many while we were at the market that I had to buy another bushel! There’s nothing better then watching a young child get so excited about eating peas. PEAS! Just because he gets to pluck them out of a pod. That cracks me up.

Anyway the video is super short this week. Not sure what we’ll do next. The temp kitchen is not very conducive to cooking shows. :)

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  1. Jen

    Reminds me of a little boy about “the child’s” age I saw at Disneyland last week. He was eating a baggie of frozen peas while waiting in line for a ride!

  2. Krista S.

    My neighbor used to have a gooseberry bush and when we were kids, we’d pick them. I don’t think we ever let them ripen, though. We just ate them green and sour. So much fun! I didn’t like peas at all as a child EXCEPT raw. They are awesome. So glad you guys checked in with all of us with a video. It was nice to see you and Ryan. Hope you have a happy and safe 4th of July. =)

  3. Bridget

    Peas… we thought our kids were weird…they only eat peas fresh or frozen. Maybe we should call the froz peas “green dippin dots!” We have planted 1/2 garden worth of peas!

  4. allijag

    he’s too darn cute! i love when you do the produce picks and he just loves the stuff! he couldn’t get those peas in his mouth fast enough :)

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