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Quick Avocado Quesadilla

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Both the toddler and I ate avocado and liked it! Can you believe it?! Here’s a little secret I learned today. If you replace or add a healthy ingredient into a food item your toddler already likes, he’ll eat it no questions asked. That’s what I did with the avocado. I simple put it in the quesadilla as I would chicken or beans (2 things he’s used to in quesadillas) and he happily ate it. GOSH! I love getting good stuff in the boy! :)

Quick Avocado Quesadilla  - toddler eatingQuick Avocado Quesadilla  - toddler eating 2

Quick Avocado Quesadilla

  • 1/2 avocado chunked
  • 4-5 cherry tomatoes quartered
  • about 1/4 cup bell pepper chopped
  • 1 tsp lime juice
  • 1 tsp dried cilantro
  • 1/4 -1/2 tsp chili powder
  • 1/4 tsp dried cumin
  • 1 oz fancy shredded Mexican cheese blend
  • 2 low carb/whole grain tortillas
  • Salsa for dippin’!

Toss the avocado, tomatoes, peppers, lime juice, cilantro, chili powder, and cumin.

Heat a non stick skillet over medium high heat. Place one of the tortillas, top with half the cheese. Add the avocado mixture, the rest of the cheese and top with other tortilla. Press down with a pot of water or tea kettle. Cook for 1-2 minutes until bottom tortilla browns. Flip, press again and cooke for 1-2 minutes.

Click here to see a (a very old) video of this technique.

Quick Avocado Quesadilla  - fillingQuick Avocado Quesadilla  - close up

The nutritional info in a bit sketchy as it really depends on the tortillas you use. Look for whole grain/low carb varieties and you’ll be fine. If they are large or burrito size simply use once and fold over on itself.

Approx Nutritional Information per serving
Servings Amt per Serving
1 1 Quesadilla
Calories Fat Fiber WWPs
375 23g 15g old: 9 new: 11
Sugar Sat Fat Carbs Protein
4g 5g 37g 20g

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    Laura Brandon

    May 6, 2009

    Yum, those look delicious! And look how big the toddler is getting! Reply


    May 7, 2009

    Mmmmm.. These sound soooo good! =P Reply


    May 7, 2009

    Hey Roni! Recipe sounds great - but I'm not sure about the WW points you listed - 375 cal, 23g fat, 15 g Fibre - 3 points? Is that right? Reply


    May 7, 2009

    Sarah - THANKS! I totally didn't update the point column from my last recipes. All fixed. Unfortunately avocado is high in points which is a problem with WW I think. This is the kind of stuff I avoided when losing because of that. Reply


    May 7, 2009

    Great recipe! I think my toddler and I would love these too! :) Reply


    May 8, 2009

    Yep....the toddler is definately not looking toddler'ish these days....I think you're gonna have to rename him...the son, the child or the boy. :) Reply


    May 12, 2009

    Looks delicious! My daughter also likes eating avocado in the 'avocado bowl' (score it and keep it in its half) could try that next and mix in the foods he likes in the 'bowl'! Then again I specialize in 'selective eaters' with my job so i live for this kind of thing! Love your recipe and cant wait to try it, mmmm! Reply


    May 14, 2009

    Mmmmmm...These looked so good that I made them last night. I just added shimp. Yum Yum. Reply

    Allison K

    May 29, 2009

    <3 avocado. When I was "hardcore WW chick" I'd eat half or a quarter.. I had to have it!!! Quesadillas look awesome! Reply


    October 15, 2009

    Roni, you are so lucky! my 3 year old daughter Ava is a good eater when it comes to eating whole wheat pasta, barley and quinoa and loves all fruit but when it comes to veggies she is impossible! Corn and peas shes all about, other than that i have to puree the others into her food. I've been trying to hide veggies shes not use to in her everyday favorite foods so she can still see them and start to get use to them but she is so slick! I made her a chicken/cheddar quesedilla and mixed in some sautee spinach, she took one look at it and said "Chicken is not green mommy!" blew me away lol I guess i'm just going to have to keep pureeing ::sigh:: Reply


    October 15, 2009

    Well it's not all luck.. there's a A LOT of persistence in there as well. :) We have a rule in my house. I will never force anyone to eat anything they don't like but everyone must try at least one bite of everything on their plate. I refuse to allow Ryan to tell me he doesn't like something until he tries it. I started the rule around 2 and believe me there were some REAL tough nights that involved crying and yelling. lol But now he will try just about anything and yes.. there are something things he just doesn't like and I respect that. That being said I do sneak extra stuff in when I can! Did you see my pizza sauce? I'm sneaky too. :) Reply


    October 15, 2009

    The toddler looks so much like you in the first picture. Usually I see his dad, but in this picture I saw your face. Reply


    November 5, 2009

    Mmmm... num, num, num! Reply


    January 10, 2012

    Mmmh these were delicious!!! I used the other half of my avocado to make your Guacatuna Salad for lunch tomorrow, I'm expecting that will be just as delish! Thank you =) Reply