Makin’ Hard Boiled Eggs

Update: Click here for written out instructions

A shortER video this week where I share my hard boiled egg system and technique. I really have become hard boil egg obsessed recently. :)

Update: Click here for written out instructions

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  1. Juniper

    We have the exact same system for boiling eggs. I too wait for the water to boil and then gently ease them into the water with a slotted serving spoon and I leave them to cool in icy water in the fridge for a half hour after I take them out too! I mark our hard boiled eggs with a pencil X. I have been perfecting this technique for years as well and it’s funny that we have both come to the conclusion.

  2. Courtney

    I’ve always done the same thing to hard boil eggs too … I just kind of thought that was how it was done! But I guess, that’s the way my mom always does it, and I just learned from her. I’ve become a hard boiled egg fanatic relatively recently too. They make the perfect breakfasts!

  3. Georgia

    I also add a good bit of salt which helps the shell come off.

    I used to wait til the water was boiling but found more of my eggs cracked then. Funny! Now I add them first- then boil (but add the salt closer to a boil).

    Also, I learned in a food and science nutrition class years ago- that 7 minutes is ideal to cook your egg (though the yolk will be soft and almost runny)- much after that and you’re leaching out the nutrients (the dark colored yolk is a sign of this). I never boil mine past 10 minutes and I think they’re pefect…

    Did you know: When it cools- you can use the water for calcium, water your plants with it, make cool-aid with it etc. I learned this one in Africa. Some useful stuff leaches out of the egg into the water.

    I also run mine under cold water immediately.

  4. Aime

    I absolutely love that you took the time to do a video about this. I have been boiling eggs for years but never thought that there could possibly be a better way. It drives me insane when the shell sticks or when the yolk is icky green. I absolutely love your sites. I learn so much every time I visit. Thank you Roni and to all who comment. I love the ideas and tips that I get from everyone.

  5. Amy

    Thanks for the video it was great…i actually found this egg timer at bed bath and beyond and i love it…u drop it in the water with the egg and it will tell you when the egg is soft medium and hard which ever way you like it…and i use it all the tie and it works and its not much its just like $2

  6. Dana

    I have to go with Betty Crocker’s cold water method on this one. Place eggs in a heavy sauce pan, large enough for eggs to have some room. Cover with enough cold water to come at least an inch above the eggs. Heat rapidly to boil. Remove from heat, cover tightly and let stand 20 to 24 minutes. Immediately cool eggs to prevent further cooking.

  7. Dana

    Roni – If I have shelling problems, I think (which may not be true – HA) that it’s due to me not letting the eggs cool before I start shelling or the ‘age’ of the egg.

    I should have added – I’m certainly not a boiled egg expert (LOL)!

    I’m looking forward to your post about protein and this egg video seems to be a great lead in to it!!!

  8. Amanda

    I love this video. I asked my mom how to hard boil eggs the other day. She thought I was joking. Your method is much better than hers…I ended up with green yokes.

    Thanks again Roni!

  9. Lesley

    I tried your idea today so that my son and I could color eggs this weekend. I just had to see how easy they were to peel, and I must say your trick is GREAT! I have never had an egg peel so easy.

  10. Ellen

    THANK YOU!!! I made a batch last night and it was AMAZING! The shells came off like magic. I have tried for years with directions from cookbooks, online suggestions, etc., and I am always picking shells off one tiny piece at a time, mauling the egg white as I do. These were the best!

  11. Julie

    Thank you, thank you!! I can never remember how to hard boil eggs, but this method seems easy enough to remember. And just in time for Easter!

    Question – do you just leave the water boiling the whole time the eggs are in there? You don’t turn down the heat at all?

  12. Crista

    I tried this last night and I’ve never hard boiled eggs before..and this was so easy. I made the boyfriend try the eggs since he loves hardboiled eggs so I knew if I passed that test then they were good to go..and then after he ate it..I told him he couldn’t eat the rest cause I want to color easter eggs tonight then he can eat them :) haha!! Thanks Roni for a great video…appreciate it!

  13. Janice

    Roni, Thanks for the suggestions. These were the best hard boiled eggs I have ever made. Who’da thought that Heloise would be wrong!!!

  14. Diane

    Roni, I tried the add the eggs to cold water then bring to a boil 1 min.Off the heat cover with a lid and let set for 15 minutes then immerse in ice water. The eggs were cooked perfect but I had a little trouble with the peeling off. Then I tried your method PERFECTO! The best boiled egg ever. The easiest peeling ever. I added salt to the water. Good job. My grandchildren and I are going to have a great Easter Hunt

  15. Darlebe

    I just want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I never had a mother to teach me things so I do go to the internet for alot of things. Everytime I try to boil eggs I always check to see if there is something different that I should do and all the sites always say put eggs in then water then boil. I did it your way tonight and they turned out PERFECT just like you said.
    I will be bookmarking your page. Thank you again.

  16. Laura Jane

    I’m so glad you posted this video. I have been eating more eggs recently, but the inside always turned green and I never could shell them easily. I just used this method, and they turned out perfectly! No green – and no problems removing the shell! Thanks!

  17. Laura Brandon

    Boiled some eggs using your technique last Thursday and just cracked my first one open… so good! Best egg I ever boiled myself, that’s for sure! Thanks so much for posting this video!!

  18. Jane

    Thanks for your egg peeling tip!! I boiled the eggs for 7 minutes instead for that runny yolk texture! Yum! Wondering if you have a great egg mayo/salad recipe to recommend?

  19. Jane

    Hi Roni, please ignore my recipe request.. just read from another post that you prefer your eggs whole. :)

  20. Krista S.

    I tried this out today and cannot believe how AWESOME this method is. Seriously, I feel like hard boiling all the damn eggs in my fridge just so I can peel them! I have been an egg peeling FAILURE my entire life, leaving ugly scarred up whites every time…..but not anymore. I bow down you, Roni!!

  21. Mary

    Hi Roni_

    Great video. This is how I was taught by my mom to boil eggs years ago when I was learning to cook. Works everytime! Thanks for all you do~you are an inspiration~

  22. NYCPatty

    I had no idea either about boiling the water first!

    Definitely going to try it. My mom always run the egg under cold water right after cooking. I like the ice water idea to work with a batch of eggs.

    Great idea!

  23. Theresa

    I would like to suggest to you instead of using a slotted spoon to put your eggs in and out of the water that you use a set of canning tongs, much quicker and no slippage

  24. Rachel

    Even easier is to put the eggs in cold water, and turn off the heat just after the water starts boiling. This also prevents overcooking and the green yolks. Just let the eggs stay there in the water until the water is room temp, and they should be easy to peel this way, as well. When I’m in a hurry and I can’t wait for the eggs to cool naturally, but I still want an “easy peel”, I just stick them in the fridge or freezer before peeling.

  25. roni

    That’s my moms method. It never works for me. I’m not sure why but the peels always stick and I only ever peel straight from the fridge.

  26. Terry

    Just tried your method and it was wonderful… after years of using the cold water method and struggling to peel the eggs and tearing up the whites, this was so easy and perfect yolks!! Again I learn something that I will use alot in the kitchen from you Roni!! Thanks again!!! Love your website!!

  27. katnissK

    Is everyone retarded? Really you had to come to a website to learn how to hardboil an egg? Our gender is DOOMED! (And why on earth would one admit to not knowing how to hardboil an EGG?) REALLY? REALLY? Well, thank GOD this site is here for all the airheads out there.

  28. roni

    We bow down to your culinary expertise, katnissK. Us “retards” (could that be more insulting? Pretty much shows how ignorant you are) will continue to share our tips and teach each other things we may not have had the privilege of learning in our pathetic little lives.

    Carry on living your perfect life where no one is allowed to ask a question or offer a new approach to do things. I’m sure you are quite happy there in jerksville.

  29. Chanelle

    Hey katnissK… just admit you didn’t know how to make a hard boiled egg and move on. It’s obvious you’re trying to cover it up by sounding like a self-righteous troll.

  30. Karie

    Im pretty sure that I have googled how to hard boil eggs an insane amount of times in my life so I appreciate this post!!! Move on if your such an expertise!

  31. Kris

    KatnissK- You really felt compelled to leave a comment on how ridiculous you thought this post was? If it’s so aweful why are you spending your precious time reading/watching it? Maybe with all the knowledge you apparently have you would know that the word “retarded” is far from classy and extremely offensive. Unfortunatly for you they don’t have classes that teach common sense…..

  32. Michelle

    Given that this post is now 3 years old and she finds it now someone was searching on how to boil an egg. When finding how easy it was she felt the need to insult others. Then when she found out that she couldn’t preform the simple task she really felt the need to attack Roni. This form of conduct is HILARIOUS!

    Thank you Roni for helping all of us “retards” out there learn to better take care of our families.

  33. Jill

    katnissK, what are you doing here if you know it all? I feel sorry for anyone that has to be around you every day, because obviously you are a jerk. And really, using the word retarted? Wow. Nice. Go away.

  34. Carla C

    I admit it. I can’t seem to boil eggs. I’ve tried vinegar, the egg timer and the little plastic thing that changes color in the water. I guess I am ‘retarded’ as you say. There are worse things I could be I guess, like angry, bitter and nasty to other people. I’ll stick with ‘retarded’.

  35. Jennyh247

    katnissK is probably just mad because she/maybe he lives in a world where only ONE gender can make hard boiled eggs. Silly katnissK, stop being such an @sshole.

  36. Beverly

    Roni – I for one want to thank you for teaching me an EGGCELENT way to make hard boiled eggs. Sure, I had made hard boiled eggs in the past, but nothing works as good as your method. I will forever be thankful for you!!

  37. Lindsay

    Katnissk – I am not sure what world you are living in where it is socially acceptable to say the “r” word you referred in your comment. That word is offensive, ignorant, and political incorrect.

    I understand that boiling an egg must seem like such common sense thing for your astute mind to handle. So I have a suggestion for you, why don’t you learn to comment and give your opinion WITHOUT using offensive language in an attempt to hurt others. People with mental disabilities should never be used as hateful retoric. This rule should also apply to homosexuals, all races, religions, social class, or intelligence levels. I trust you already knew this given your large grasp on our gender and the important role we have as women to teach our children about tolerance and acceptance. I hope that the next time you use the “r” word so cavalierily you think about the implecation of the word and how hurtful it can be.

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