Green Eggs & Ham

This weeks video looks like we did it on the fly when in actuality I’ve been trying different variations of this idea for a few weeks. It’s simple really, puree some spinach with a bit of water and use it to die scrambled eggs. It’s simple, it’s easy and it’s fun! :)

Oh! and I ask the toddler what’s up with the tree in his belly. Apparently he’s “joking.” lol

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  1. AlliJag

    LOL – the toddler was totally hammin’ it up (lol – no pun intended) – he was just too cute! So glad he shared with us the reason for the tree in his belly!

  2. Krista S.

    I’m totally a ketchup on eggs girl. It has to be Heinz ketchup, though. It sounds like Irish was running with Ryan….which cracks me up because our orange tabby is so wild in the mornings even though he is almost 5.

  3. Deb

    HAHAH! The kids were not keen on green eggs and ham! Tanner cant eat eggs, and wont eat anything looking like them either! All we do is the sneeches, marshallmallow, and hot dog roast! LOL

  4. Emily

    On St. Patty’s Day I go CRAZY with the green. Last year I put green food dye in EVERYTHING I ate. Needless to day, I later started pooping green… LOL

    But I’m gonna try that spinach idea! I frequently use it in my scrambles too, and maybe ones of these days I’ll brave the ketchup idea.

  5. Jenna

    I am the ketchup on the eggs girl too! I don’t see how people don’t! lol I think it’s the best way to eat them….really I like ketchup on everything lol! Thanks for another great video! I totally live for your recipes, it makes my weight loss journey alot more tolerable!

  6. laurieann

    Funny you mention this I thought my dad was the only one who did the ketchup on eggs. Who knew? He always says it was because while he was a marine the eggs were so bad that he had to put something on them to kill the taste. Funny thing he does the same thing to his french toast.

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