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Fresh Black Bean Dip

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Awhile ago I made Sweet & Spicy Black Bean Dip. Then… my blender broke (wonder why) and I created Really Quick Spicy Bean Dip while declaring my love of the dip that is made with beans. :)

Well now I’m at it again! Using my new food processor I took my hand at a new Black Bean dip idea. I don’t want to pat myself on the back or anything but this blows my last 2 attempts out of the water! The dip was super smooth, fresh tasting, sweet with a small kick. I think I actually like this better the Trader Joe’s jarred stuff I’m always raving about. Honestly, I really love that stuff.

I’m not sure this will work in a blender the same way but the food processor really did the trick. The only thing I’ll do different next time is to blend the raw peppers through the processor first before adding the beans. I had to stop and stir them a bit to get processed when I added them on top. Fresh Black Bean Dip

  • 1 can black beans drained and rinsed
  • 1 tbsp honey (21g)
  • 2 tbsp tomato paste (1oz)
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 1/2 green bell pepper
  • 6 jarred jalapeno pepper slices to taste (could use fresh I just keep a jar in stock)

Place all ingredients in the food processor (you may want to process the peppers first) and blend until smooth, 2-3 minutes.

Seriously, it’s that easy. :)

Fresh Black Bean Dip - beforeFresh Black Bean Dip - after

Now onto the nutritional information. Before I post it I have to say this is SUPER filling and awesome with carrots sticks. Really… awesome.

I’m calculating based on my eyeball separation into 3 servings, each about 1/2 cup, maybe more. Just separate it into 3 containers and you’ll be fine.

Approx Nutritional Information per serving
Servings Amt per Serving
3 About 1/3 Cup
Calories Fat Fiber WWPs
170 1g 10g old: 3 new: 4
Sugar Sat Fat Carbs Protein
7g 0g 33g 10g

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    January 12, 2009

    Yummy - this sounds really really good!


    January 12, 2009

    this sounds fantastic!


    January 12, 2009

    I love black beans so I imagine this would be tasty. This is definitely something I need to try. Thanks for the wonderful recipes.


    January 12, 2009

    oh my ..........that looks so good! Trying to do the bean thing here more and cutting out some of the animal products in the new year. Gonna try this one this weekend on hubby!


    January 13, 2009

    Yum! I love anything with black beans - I may have to try this recipe soon. Roni, have you ever tried the canned chipotles in adobo sauce? I use them when I make black bean soup (instead of jalapenos) and they add so much flavor! They freeze really well too.


    January 13, 2009

    What a great idea! I haven't used them. I should pick some up! Thanks!


    January 14, 2009

    What brand of black beans do you use? I have recently started upgrading from the cheapo store-brands of everything in my cooking but am yet to do so with the ol' black beans.


    January 15, 2009

    I made this last night. I used the blender so it wasn't at all smooth. I haven't tasted it yet, but my husband really liked it.


    January 15, 2009

    Carolyn... in the blender you may just want to add a bit more liquid. And do the peppers first, that will help too! Hope you liked it too!


    January 15, 2009

    Gregg.. Honestly I use whatever ones are on sale. I'm not picky. :) It's usually the store brand.


    January 16, 2009

    I finally got around tasting it yesterday and it was a little too sweet for my taste. Next time I might try cutting the honey in half and adding some salt.


    January 16, 2009

    ahhh yea.. I should have warned ya. With the bell peppers and the honey it makes a sweeter dip. That's what I was going for. Sorry about that!


    January 26, 2009

    Hello! Just found your site...really lovin it. I'm not completely through looking at all the posts so I'm sorry if you've answered this before but what kind of blender is that? It looks really cool! Thanks!


    January 26, 2009

    Oops...saw the link...nevermind! I got really excited because I thought it might be one of those Blendtec ones that can blend anything. But that one looks neat too and saves counter space right?


    January 26, 2009

    Nettfay on January 25, 2009 6:36 pm Hi Roni! I made and tried your sweet and spicy bean dip. ————————Oh Oh Oh this this so so great!!!! I loved it. I will work this recipe into my weekly food schedule. This so soooooo good. I just want you to know I have been making torilla pizza! I love your recipes, your hints, = one of these days I’ll look at good and pretty as you! You should be on FOODTV!

    Shannon in MS

    February 4, 2009

    OK - bean dip was a hit at the Super Bowl party, got many compliments (though I ate more of it than others) I added a pinch of WW cheese just to make it a little stringy and served it warm. It was chunkier than yours as I only have a small chopper(b-day coming, food processor). The jicama was touch and go, baked chips were definitely a better tasting choice. I was thinking I'll use a litte of the dip for the 'sauce' on a mexican-style tortilla pizza. I'll try that next.

    Michelle Kerro

    March 2, 2009

    I just made this (only had a red bell pepper) and am eating it with the Quaker Tortillaz - Zesty Guacamole...too DIE For!!!!! Thanks Roni!!!


    April 17, 2009

    I sent this to my co-workers the day you posted it. One of them made it and brought some in to work today. It was most awesome! We had it with carrots and All Bran Crackers and it was a very tasty snack. Thank you. :)


    February 23, 2013

    Have you ever tried pureeing cooked cauliflower in with the beans? Its great - extra veggies for the win!!


    February 25, 2013

    No but great idea!!