Experimental Overnight Cookies


This weeks video I make another low fat cookie idea for the holidays, Chocolate Meringue Cookies. The idea is easy, make a simple meringue, flavor it how you like and leave it in the oven overnight.

I really like how they came out! I want to fiddle with the idea a bit more before posting an official recipe so for now all you get in the video. I’m not sure I’d do the almonds again but the flavor of the chocolate and almond extract is awesome! The batch I made was 115 calories no fat and no fiber for 13 cookies! Not too shabby but I still found them awfully sweet so I’m going to see if I can knock down the sugar a bit more next time. Maybe the toddler and I will do a new batch with sprinkles for new years! :)

This will probably be my last post for a bit. I hope you and your family have an AWESOME holiday!

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  1. Lyn

    This is a cute video! Loved Ryan showing his cookie. LOL :) My daughter had to watch him. She always likes Ryan!

    When you add the cocoa, do you have to fold it in like that after beating it, or could you add it at the end of beating and beat it in?

  2. Stephanie

    Hi Roni! Loved the video.

    Thought I would leave you a tip about your parchment paper.
    When I do anything with parchment or wax paper I always spray non stick cooking spray and then lay the paper down on the sprayed pan. Then the wax/parchment paper doesn’t move. :o) Works like a charm.

    Oh, p.s. I have lost 74 lbs officially at the beginning of this week! Yay go me!

  3. Krista S.

    Ryan just cracks me up. He is so animated. I have been having one peppermint meringue cookie a day for the last week…they are so good! I’ll have to try your version as I love almond extract. I use it in Angelfood cake.

  4. Vickie

    These look great! I like the little meringue cookies that you can buy in the tube but really want to try these. Did the recipe ever get posted and if so Where is it?
    Thanks and I love your videos!

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