Experimental Shepherd’s Pie Take 2


I have such good online friends. Really, I do!

When Kraft announced it’s Cooking Video Challenge I received a ton of emails and telling me about it. It made me smile to know that you guys know me so well. This is right up my alley!

If you remember way back in July the toddler and I tried some homemade Shepherd’s Pie using leftover pork, fresh veggies and sweet potatoes. The video was a disaster but the dinner came out pretty good. So when I saw Kraft’s Updated Shepherd’s Pie as one of my options to enter the contest I had to take my hand at it again. Of course, making it my own. :~)

When I made it this summer I used fresh summer veggies, like peppers, yellow squash and baby spinach. The Kraft recipe used frozen mixed veggies, which I also like. Last time I broiled it to get a crust on the potatoes, the Kraft recipe called for baking it. So I tried their technique. Honestly, broiling it worked better to get the nice sweet potatoes crust that makes the dish! But either way its good! Just goes to show, TRY! That’s the luxury you get when making your own meals.

For now, I’m just going to post the video. I want to make it one more time before posting an official recipe with nutrition info and specific details. I guess you can call these the practice attempts. ;~)

Ok, now time for a laugh. The video is almost 16 and half minutes. Well I had to get it down to under 3 for the contest. You gotta see this edit job…

LOL how funny is that? Maybe I should edit all the videos? What do you think?

Update: Just read the rules a little more closely. Apparently all assistants have to be 18 years old. :~( I should have read the rules more closely. Of course, I submitted it anyway, why not! LOL I’ll try and do another one without the toddler next week. Darn ageism! LOL

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  1. Poonie

    Great edit job! This is interesting for me as it’s very different to the traditional Shepherd’s Pie I’m used to! If you want a nice crust on the potato without broiling, you can try scoring the top with a fork.

    Are you going to try a different recipe for your next submission? And hire a new assistant? LOL

  2. Christy

    I love sheppard pie. It is one of the things that my husband and I have at least once a month. I use regular white potatoes on top though. I have cut back our recipe and found single serving baking dishes so that I make just enough for two people. I also add veggies to mine but I use a hand chopper to cut them up so small that they are hard to see. My husband does not do onions or mushrooms. So I chop them REALLY small so they just kind of melt into the dish. I also add carrots but they are not cut as small. I add a layer of cheese to our sheppard’s pie too. I don’t use as much cheese as I would like since I am making healthier choices these days. Here is the recipe I use.

  3. Christy

    LOL…i just watched the edited version…it was too bland for me. I missed all the chit chat and stuff. And you cut out the part where Ryan placed the empty sweet potato bowl on his head. That cracked me up in the full length version.

  4. Melinda

    I use canned pumpkin puree in mine. (I add it in to sloppy joes and chili too, you can’t tell it’s there). It would go well with the sweet potatoe topping. I add it to the meat mixture, it helps thicken things up and it’s one more veggie that the hubby and kids don’t know about. ; )

  5. Deb

    hey roni, I used white potatoes and left the skins on! Also did you use anything to mix up the potatoes or were the sweet potato ones smooth enough?

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