Halloween Brownie Bites


This weeks video was recorded completely impromptu tonight. Honestly, I totally decided to skip the gym and make brownies instead. How bad is that?!? I just felt out of it and you can tell! For example, I can’t remember what a toothpick is AND I say it’s Tuesday when it’s really Wednesday. Just out of it!

Of course, Ryan is as cute as ever. :~)

Last year the toddler and I started the tradition of making brownie bites for halloween. Take your favorite brownie mix (I use VitaBrownie Mix) make according to package, bake in mini muffin cups topped with festive sprinkles.

Simple but fun! :~)

If you are interested in trying the VitaBrownie Mix use the code RonisWeigh when you order online for 10% off!

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  1. Caitlin

    Yummmm! Those look so good! Ryan is soo cute, haha! He cracks me up! I can’t wait to try this recipe, thanks so much!

  2. Christy

    Hehe…Is that a Dunkin’ Donut box on the counter? It made my inner fat kid hungry :-)

    These look great. I have not tried the mixes yet but I want too. I tried the muffin tops and they were yummy.

  3. Joanie

    Great video! Ryan is adorable! I am going to try and make these brownie bites too. I say “try” because the last 2 times I have ordered something chocolate from VitaMix, our yellow lab has intercepted the delivered package on the front porch and eaten all of the contents! Last time she ate 24 double chocolate muffin tops! (Didn’t bother her tummy one bit. She must be half goat or something.) Maybe the mix won’t be as enticing. Anyway, thanks Roni and Ryan. Great idea!

  4. Jennifer

    These look so nummy! I love your lil helper, and the kitty in background again. I’m so happy I found this website thru stumpleupon. You’ve truley changed my outlook.

  5. Nina

    Hi Roni!

    This was the first video with Ryan and you I watched, and he is so cute! You noticed that he licked the spatula behind your back ;)? Couldn’t stop giggling about it! He is smart, no doubt about it.

    And maybe you should tell your husband that 50% (information provided by the producers THEMSELVES, so you really can’t complain to them!) of the calories in a doughnut are saturated fats? I know they are delicious, especially in darker fall and winter times, but maybe he should look for a healthier soul food, there are lots out there, as you know, too.


  6. Julie

    Oh my…he is adorable! What a cute goodbye!!! My kids are 12 and 14…I miss those days…Enjoy :)

    Thanks for having such a fun site with such wonderful ideas. I was thinking how easy it would be to make holiday bites even at Christmas as gifts for the neighbors and get my daughters involved in making them. Easy, straightforward, yet super cute & festive.

    Keep up the creative work!! Love this site. Thank you Thank you Thank you :)

  7. AlliJag

    Ryan is too cute!

    Quick small world story for you! I was watching this post (I was out of down – in SC to visit girlfriends) – and my friend Sarah heard the video start – she says “What are you watching” – and I say a Roni GLB video – turns out – she knew exactly who you were because she is really good friends with Carrie (apparently one of your friends who also has a blog?). I just thought it was funny what a small world it can turn out to be!

  8. roni

    Felicia – Using the mix I I did, IF you made 12 they’d be a point a piece. If you make 24 – 2 per point. That’s only with the vita mixes thought. Hope that helps!


  9. Jennifer

    I made these today and they are fantastic! I couldnt find any small cupcake cups so i used the big ones, and still measured 1.2 oz in there.. came out pretty good. using the measured oz i got about 20 cupcakes. I guess it still would be the same points?

  10. roni

    Jennifer – well if you got 24 they’d be 1/2 point each. For 20 I think I’d still count them at 1 a piece just to be safe! But still it’s such a nice controlled amount, right? :~)

  11. Mia

    Hi Roni,
    I am going to make these right now. Thanks for posting this easy to do, last minute Halloween treat. I wanted to tell you that I usually buy the “Arrowhead Mills” brand chocolate brownie mix which is not at the regular markets. You can get it at any health food stores. Their chocolate brownie mix is soooo good. They also have a chocolate chip coookie mix to die for. They use whole grain flour and the best of ingredients. It is always nice to use a healthier alternative. I will try the Vitamix brand when I find it in the store. Have never tried it before but look forward to having an alternative at the regular market. Thanks again :0)

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