Sandwich Sushi

This idea was in direct response to the toddler saying he “did not like sandwiches” in his lunch anymore. Who can blame him? Five days of a ham and cheese on whole wheat can get old. *sigh* What’s a mom to do? Never did I think I’d have a hard time coming up with ideas for his lunch box! It’s hard enough not being able to send him with a PB&J or even a handful of peanuts as an easy protein source (his school is a peanut free zone), but now he’s taking sandwiches off the table too! (Note: I’m planning a lunch box ideas post soon!)

So, like usual, take this idea and run with it! Use a tortilla or even a rolled out slice of bread! Fill it with your favorite veggies and shred or slice them. Even skip the mustard in the roll and serve to your kids on the side as a dipping sauce with chopsticks! Whatever works!

Here’s how I made the ones pictured (which was my lunch today, by the way!) Sandwich Sushi

  • ½ slice of Lavash bread (I use because it’s square, If you can’t find it, try flat out bread or a tortilla would work too!)
  • 1 laughing cow cheese wedge
  • squirt of honey mustard
  • 3 slices of thin sliced turkey breast
  • 1 slice then sliced lean ham
  • 3 slices of turkey pepperoni
  • 5-6 baby spinach leaves with the stems removed
  • 2 baby carrots shredded

Smear he cheese and mustard on the bread and then start layering the ingredients as seen in the pictures. Notice I leave about 2 inches on the end “free”. As you roll the fillings will squish outwards.

Sandwich Sushi - step 1Sandwich Sushi - step 2Sandwich Sushi - step 3

Sandwich Sushi - step 4Sandwich Sushi - step 5Sandwich Sushi - step 6

Roll as tightly as you can. Cut chunks with a serrated knife (more like lightly saw through as to not squish). I normally cut the very end off to get a flat edge.

Have FUN! ;~)

Approx Nutritional Information per serving
Servings Amt per Serving
1 Entire Recipe
Calories Fat Fiber WWPs
186 6g 3g old: 4 new: 5
Sugar Sat Fat Carbs Protein
3g 1g 14g 19g
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  1. Shana

    A peanut free zone!?!? Yikes!! That would make life difficult. I have not tried it my self but had someone suggest sunflower butter as an alternative (she said it was good.) The sushi looks tasty.

  2. Leticia

    Very cute. I love packing exciting lunches. :o) Maybe he would even enjoy some Lunch-able type lunches that you make for him (instead of the ones you buy already made at the store).

    There are tons of Bento Box and Lunch Box type pictures in flickr. I believe there’s a pool of some sort, maybe to help with some lunch box ideas.

  3. Nick

    Well a peanut free zone I could certainly not withstand, but this is a great idea. Speaking of which, I made a peanut butter and banana sushi roll a while ago as well. It was a lot of fun to eat, I have to admit. Sushi is always fun to eat because you can see each ingredient, it’s already cut into bite-sized pieces and it’s pleasant to look at. If it’s just a whole lot of things mashed between two slices of bread it’s not nearly as appetizing!

  4. Annette

    I love to make something like this for parties with cream cheese, salsa, and a green onion. We dip them in salsa.

    Great idea for lunches for both adults and kids! My toddlers take the insides out of their sandwiches and leave the bread, maybe with this they would eat it all :)

  5. sheryl

    my kids get tired of sandwiches for lunch too i will have to give these a try!
    One thing my munchkins really like is rolling a cheese string in lunchmeat
    (sometimes i include a sliver of dill pickle in it too), i use a toothpick to keep it together and i send some crackers with it.

  6. AlliJag (Green Dog Wine)

    Too cute! Love the trick to get the toddler to eat!

    I can’t believe his school is peanut free – I used to teach, but even I feel that is a little extreme.

    I need to find some of this Lavash bread since it’s made several appearances! :)

  7. Sagan

    Such a cute idea! Especially for a toddler- I was very against eating sandwiches when I was little so my mum used to make me “pancake sandwiches” every Monday, with our leftover pancakes from Sunday breakfast. They were basically 2 pancakes with butter, cinnamon, and sugar between them. Definitely not the healthiest, but they sure were tasty!

    Sandwiches and sushi are both fantastic.

  8. Valerie

    My kids have a peanut free area in their school… there are 2 kids in kinder that are allergic to peanuts. One is so severe that she almost died when another child touched her arm after eating peanut butter (the other child hadn’t washed her hands yet). That’s pretty scary so I don’t even send my kids with anything peanut related because I would feel horrible if I heard one of the kids with allergies had a reactiona and my kids had eaten peanut products that day!

    did he like the sandwhich?

  9. Eden

    Our whole house is a peanut-free zone since my daughter is allergic :(

    However, it did lead us to discover Soy Nut Butter. I know–it sounds hideous (I would have never tried it if I wasn’t forced into it), but honestly, it makes a great substitute. On a sandwich with Jam or Bananas, most people wouldn’t even notice that it’s not peanut butter. We feed it to my daughter’s picky friends all the time and they’ve never said a word. Our Walmart carries it, too.

    Just an idea . . .

  10. Sabrina

    Funny that wraps would be on here today…I just discovered I’d been counting my subway turkey, no cheese, no dressing wraps as 4 points…well I come to find out after some research that the wrap itself is 7 points!!!! No wonder I haven’t been loosing!!! OMG I was sick after finding that out!

  11. Bonnie

    I’ve been looking for the Lavash bread, but no luck so far. Last night I went to the health food store and Meijer, but couldn’t find it. I did ask the health food store clerk about it though, and he is going to check about ordering it. I got flatouts at Meijer instead, so that I can make this today.

  12. Michele

    I made these and they were yummy and so easy for a quick lunch between classes. I have been buying the Lavash bread right at walmart by the deli meat! Bonnie perhaps you should look there, I mean isnt there a walmart on every corner these days?? haha

  13. Becky

    What a wonderful idea! I have a VERY picky 5 year old (who has severe allergy to peanuts) and I’m finding it hard to come up with healthy recipes that he’ll like. I’m going to try this one. Thanks for all your wonderful meal/snack ideas. I have no imagination when it comes to planning meals so it’s great to find a site like yours. :)

  14. Pat

    I have made these for years for my kids. Neither one liked “sandwiches” for school lunches. An inexpensive way to make flat bread is to take your very fresh white or whole grain sandwich loaf bread and roll it flat with your rolling pin. You can cut the crusts but I always thought the “ends” looked like flowers when rolled up. My children loved them.

  15. Ashley

    Tried this idea and I loved it. Since my husband and I are vegetarians we used veggie lunch meats instead. I’d thought about making hummus to replace the cheese to make it vegan. I’m always up for fast and easy recipes. Thanks!

  16. Jzbell79

    this is the ONLY way I can get my boyfriend’s 6-yr-old to eat veggies at lunch!! he eats them ok at home, but his teacher informed me that he typically chunks the carrot sticks or cherry tomatoes I’d been sending. apparently he only likes them if I’m there to supervise… ;-)

    his school is peanut-free too – I think that’s typical now. I found a soy butter that is approved for schools… it tastes a lil different, but tasty. he eats it just fine with a shmear of all-fruit spread.

  17. Dottie

    A la some other posts—I suggest almond butter as a substitute for PB. Also you might cut the regular sandwiches, crust free, into shapes with a cookie cutter, round glass, etc. Try cream cheese and jelly, never hear folks doing that any more. Can make sandwiches double decker, with thinner or flattened bread, for a change.

    Love your sushi, might even take them to a pot luck, will make some veggie with roasted peppers, ribbons of zucchini, laughing cow, etc.


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