Beer Chicken Take II – In the Oven!

My response to all the wonderful comments on Beer Chicken, I take my hand at cooking it in the oven. I’m glad you asked and I’m glad I tried because it was JUST AS GOOD. The husband was more then ecstatic.

Just like on the grill, it really was a cinch! It cooked for just an hour which sounds like a chore but really I only peeked on it twice, once mid way and once at the end. So while I was “slaving over dinner” the toddler and I read two books, played with the kitty, had a blast hiding and seeking, and did a load of laundry. Oh and I guess needless to say recorded a video for my site. :~) I LOVE multitasking.

As for the Steak House Seasoning from Amazing Taste, I LOVED it. Very peppery and a great rub for chicken. It also inspired me to try different flavors on the outside of the bird. I was thinking a taco seasoning package would be fun, paired with corn bread and refried beans! Or how about an onion soup packet with some corn and mashed potatoes?

Whatever you put in the outside will be great. It’s the cooking method that’s fun!

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  1. Lori

    Hi Roni,
    I’m normally a Lurker, but I was wondering if you know how many points are the potato skins. My family is the exact same as yours when we eat baked potatoes. I usually eat lots of the skins ;-).
    Can’t seem to find any point calculations.
    Love your site. Thanks for all your hard work.
    So very informative. Keep up the good work.
    Thanks, Lori

  2. roni

    I count them as a point because the husband leaves some potato on them. But if they are pretty clean and I halved a sweet potato with the toddler then I just total it with the sweet potato points and not count it separately.

  3. Christy

    Haha. This is the best video ever. I think I was cracking up everytime you were laughing. I love the introduction to Irish. It was also SUPER cute when Ryan was chuckling while he tried to get back on camera.

  4. Leticia

    Quick question. I know this is probably weird, but I really don’t like Beer. Does this chicken taste like beer…or does it taste differently? Just wondering. I want to try this, I’ve always heard about it, but not being a beer lover myself, I’m kind of scared.

  5. Lisa

    We love beer chicken. Leticia we sometimes make it with coke, orange soda, or really any drink in a can you want to use. It doesn’t taste like beer though!

  6. Katie

    Roni –

    Thanks for the oven turorial – I was wondering about that too, as I just have a small charcoal grill. My question is – what do you do with the dark meat? I was thinking I could cut that up and use in other recipes, but not sure how fatty it is, even sans-skin.


  7. roni

    Katie – I just made a wrap with 2 oz of the dark meat. It is a little more fatty but very tasty and GOOD FOR YOU! Don’t let that fat scare you. 2oz is just about 3 points (115 cals, 5 g of fat, 15 g of protein) that’s still some good quality, tasty lean protein!

  8. Maranda

    Roni-I love this video and am planning on making this recipe over the weekend. Good potato trick, my husband never eats the skin of his potato either and that is my favorite part.

  9. Bonnie

    Do you think it would work to remove the biggest part of the skin off the chicken first, then add the spices and cook it? I really like cooked skin, but it’s high in fat so I shouldn’t eat it. The best way to avoid eating it, is to remove it pre-cooking when it’s gross looking. :)

  10. karen

    I cook “Beer Butt” chickens all the time always do at least 2 when having the grill on best take advantage of all that heat some time do 3 and share with my married children. I never use “beer” any soda works diet~reg. I can’t tell the differece. its the seasonings that flavor the chicken the can gives it the moisture. (thats my opinion)
    I do them about 45 mins and shut the grill off and let them rest for 15 min. Always check the temp.
    Never tried them in the oven.
    But sm sure they would be rally tasty.
    Love baked chicken.

  11. Allyson

    What a great video!! I found you to be more entertaining and “real” than a lot of the chefs on FoodTV. Maybe we should nominate you for America’s Next Chef (or whatever their version is :) )

    Great job!! I can’t wait to make it! YUM!!

  12. Jan

    That would be me that suggested pouring the beer in the tray :) We have never done the chicken in the oven. I am going to try it now for sure. I also want to thank you for showing how you cut it up. Looks much easier than using a big honkin’ knife! LOL

  13. Debbie

    Roni, I cant get the video to come up for the oven beer butt chicken. I really want to try it so could you tell me how long it takes in the oven? and what temp please? thanks its on the menu for this week!

  14. Jamie

    YUM…just pulled mine out of the oven. Really good. I did buy the can holder thingie, to me it was easier. One thing I noticed was that no beer disolved, I think next time I will remove the whole beer top.

    Thanks roni for such wonderful ideas. :)

  15. Kathy

    Hey Roni – we used your recipe tonight for our beer chicken, and I had a few questions/suggestions. Can you put a printed recipe here as well, for people that might not be able to see the video, or that don’t have the time to watch for the full 20 minutes? Also, do you think you could take the skin off to cook, so that the spices are directly on the chicken? It seems like while the chicken is super moist, there wasn’t a lot of spice flavor transferred once we had the skin off… maybe it was just the spice rub I used, but I also put spices in the beer can part too.. ?

  16. roni

    Kathy – Good ideas! I actually have it written out here… link to just sub the grill for your oven.

    Taking the skin off may be a good idea but I’m afraid it would get too dry. A better thought may be to jam the spices under the skin before cooking and yes, putting it and/or the herbs in to can helps as well.

    Hope that helps!


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