Mommy and Me Omelets – Video Post

Awhile back I wrote up my Mommy and Me Omelet Post about making eggs with the toddler. It wasn’t a recipe per say just some ideas for breakfast that can include kids. Well, I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before, but I just realized I could record one of our morning routines. Unfortunately, we lose the toddler halfway through, but he makes a few walk by appearances and of course his non-stop talking can be heard off camera.

You’ll have to excuse my morning appearance. I slept in a tank top and shorts, my hair is greasy from the day before and I didn’t even wash my face yet. I’m literally a wreck, especially after waking up an hour earlier then normal.

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  1. Michele

    Roni, I love your videos but I wonder if I am the only one having a problem with the volume. Even with my volume as high as it can go, I have a really hard time hearing the sound from your videos on my laptop. I don’t have the problem on any other sites. If I’m the only one then it must be my computer. :(

  2. crazylady

    Love this one Roni! Omelet’s have been my new best friend for the last few months. Tasty, quick, nutritious, filling and also low carb which helps me a lot! I do much the same as you but I add a little chopped up salami or pepperoni instead of bacon for the extra flavour. I also love pesto and I make my own so sometimes I add a teaspoon of it to the veg when I’m frying it.. makes the pan a bit messy but gives a really lovely flavour to the veg. If you like pesto it might be worth a try sometime! I always add a little cheese on top too :) I try not to worry about the fat too much cause I know I’m having a pretty healthy meal all in all.

  3. roni

    Michele – No you aren’t the only one, they are on the lower side. This time I even pumped up the volume in iMovie but I think I messed up while recording and didn’t have the input volume as high as I could.

    I will keep it in mind for future ones. I’m also looking for a wireless mic I could wear! Maybe I should hire one of those guys to hold a mic above my head! LMAO :~P

  4. Liz Rosenbaum

    You are so cute and patient with your son. I need to let my kids help me in the kitchen more often…I just get so impatient. sigh… thanks for inspiring me to be a better mom. :)

  5. Annette

    we just had omelets on Sunday…..all the kiddos love them. You and Ryan were great……even early in the morning! The kids like ketchup on theirs too but I love salsa!

  6. Barb

    Hi Roni, I wanted to tell you about something I bought for myself because I love to cook and I think you would love it also. I am sure you have seen Rachael Ray. She always has that Garbage bowl right next to her when she cooks. I was at Kohls one day and saw the “Garbage bowls” in the Rachael Ray section. I just love it! You can throw your egg shells, onion peels, anything. I love it because I am not walking back and forth to the garbage can. I know any bowl could be used for this purpose, but there is something about the real Garbage Bowl from Rachael Ray.

    Anyway, another great video. Have a great weekend

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