Pizza Crepe Idea – Video Post

You can probably tell I was feeling a bit out of sorts yesterday when I recorded this but I couldn’t let the week go by without a video post!

The video is a simple idea using my recent Simple Low Fat Whole Grain Crêpe recipe.

If anyone has other ideas for simple light stuffing for these crepe like “vessels” please let us know in the comments. I have a few more in the freezer! ;~P

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  1. Bonnie

    At the Illinois State Fair, for several years now, they have a Strawberry Crepe stand, and until last summer (because I had just started WW), I had one every year. They are so good. But I’m sure they could be duplicated at home, with your crepe recipe, and still be very WW friendly.

    Inside the crepe, there was vanilla pudding (we could use the FF/SF vanilla pudding), strawberries (which had sugar, but we could substitute Splenda). Then the crepe was folded over from both sides, and whipped cream was added (we could use Cool Whip Free or the low fat/sugar free spray can of whipped cream). Then they sprinkled just a dab of brown sugar on the top (we could use the Splenda Brown). And of course, you eat these with a fork. These are really really delicious!

  2. Nicole


    I made your crepes yesterday and I love them!! I added 1 Splenda packet and 1/2 tsp. vanilla to sweeten them up a bit.

    I filled mine with scrambled egg whites, cheese, and salsa for breakfast. For a snack I filled it with light Yoplait key lime yogurt, and Cool Whip. Also tried it with Nutella hazelnut spread and Cool Whip.These are great to have on hand! Thanks for the idea!!


  3. Meggan

    I can’t believe you just had surgery – you look fab!

    Hawiian style crepes are yummy – stuff with DRAINED pineapple, LF mozzerella and ham

    banana with a drizzle of nuttella

    Spinach and eggs with onions are a favorite of mine too.

  4. KAT

    Roni – this crepe recipe has me going Crepe Crazeeee…
    I just made another batch adjusting the flour to 3/4C Whole Wheat flour, 1/4C Ground Flax, 3TBSP Wheat Germ, 1.5C Unsweetened Almond milk. I am letting it sit in fridge overnight since I found that if I keep them in a tupperware and make them as needed the wetter batter cooks so much better. Anyway for breakfast I’m going to stuff one with peaches, nonfat greek yogurt, drizzle of sugar free maple syrup and sprinkle of sliced almonds. For lunch I am going to melt so herb goat cheese, sauteed lean ham and thin slices of fuji apple, spinach and thin slices of red onion – yum. I love these crepes – i can’t stop – see what you’ve done??? And it’s cheaper than bread! :) Thank you so much for your site!!!

  5. Amanda

    Wow that’s so a great recipe. Do you use a nonstick pan to make the crepes? I only have stainless steel, so I am wondering if it will work? Is there really a difference bewtween your crepe recipe and say a recipe for a tortilla?

    How many cals per crepe without filling? Sorry for all the q’s looking forward to next week’s video with “the toddler” Thanks!

  6. Lauraup

    Hi Roni,

    Stumbled across your website the other day and have been hooked ever since.

    I have been at WW for just over 2 and a half years and am not at goal yet but getting there.

    Your websites, especially greenlightbites have helped me out of the rut i’d gotton into it and I feel motivated and inspired all over again.

    You look amazing, and Ryan is just the cutest thing ever, I love how he’ll eat all sorts of foods and helps you cook.

    This crepe idea looks yummy will definately be trying it along with all your other recipies. I’m from the UK so will have to adapt some things but I know they’ll be just as delicious.

    So thanks again, and keep it

  7. alex

    Hey Roni,
    I have been a semi-lurker for awhile now. Love the videos…they make me want to really try it out. Will have to try the crepes out sometime…unfortch being a FT worker bee makes it harder to cook your great meals. Also, I’d have to get the new ingredients for a WW lifestyle (ie. Whole Wheat flour, etc.).

    Thanks for the inspiration and the great post.

  8. roni

    Laura – Glad to help

    Alex – What, what do you mean? Full time worker bee?? So was I up until a month ago. Now I’m a full time work at home worker bee! LOL Thanks for the note and glad you like the videos! Love your site and that picture is HYSTERICAL!

  9. Tamara

    Wow, is that only a half-ounce of cheese? It looks like so much…I’m going to have to start using the fancy shredded or whatever the equivalent we have of that in Canada is.

    Any idea how many calories and/or points this would be? I would estimate 3-4 points?

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