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Breakfast Smoothie – Video Post

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I may have the only 2 year old on the planet who requests to make a smoothie video at 7:30 in the morning. I’m not kidding. He came into my bedroom this morning talking about breakfast. We decided on a smoothie and then he told me he was getting the camera! I burst out laughing and then realized what a fabulous idea! He took the pressure of me to come up with a video idea this week!

So please excuse the pajamas and dirty hair I literally woke up 15 minutes before grabbing the camera. And yes, I was wearing a green tank top —it was St. Patty’s yesterday. I swear, totally NOT planned! LOL

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    March 18, 2008

    This has got to be the cutest darn thing I have ever seen!!!!! LOVE IT! Way to go Ryan!!!!!!!!! I smiled lots, what at a great way to start the day!


    March 19, 2008

    GOSH YOU GUYS ARE SO CUTE. as of yet holding back on introducing my Tornado to the MondayFacetime but it's coming, M. ps--my daughter screams MOREMORE when she sees you two.


    March 19, 2008

    You guys are so cute! My kids love to cook too but 3 in the kitchen can turn to chaso!


    March 19, 2008


    Dani Spies

    March 19, 2008

    You are the cutest mommy ever!!


    March 20, 2008

    I love the kiddo and the mommy adding the extra noises in the background when the blender is yelling. You guys are cute!!!


    March 20, 2008

    I've been thinking about buying a hand blender for awhile now, and after watching your video with my 12 year old daughter, I decided now was the time! She loves to make smoothies and I hate to drag out the Vitamix when she wants to make them (not to mention cleaning it!) Well, we bought one this evening and she immediately made this smoothie when we got home. It was so easy for her and cleanup was a snap! What a YUMMY smoothie this is!! She has plans for all different kinds of smoothies now. Thanks for the great idea, Roni! ~Sandy


    March 21, 2008

    Made this recipe this morning with my 8 year old, she LOVED it and wants it again tomorrow! Very yummy too. (I used frozen mixed berries, with blackberries, strawberry's, blueberrys and the banana)

    Kendra A.

    March 23, 2008

    I love this smoothie. I was excited to see your video because I use the same ingredients even down to the number of frozen strawberries! I do add a bit of milk to mine just because I like it a little less thick, and sometimes I'll throw in ground flaxseed if I need a nutritional jumpstart in the morning. But nothing beats a strawberry banana smoothie. Well, maybe a strawberry banana smoothie with your cute kid! It's fun to see families cook together.

    Dr. Nicole Sundene

    March 25, 2008

    Very cute! Great healthy website I am adding you to my blogroll! Looking forward to more...


    April 8, 2008

    Roni - I'm having a hard time settling down on a yogurt. I really love the Yoplait light (2 points), the WW brand and Dannon Light & Fit are only 1 point but they have a powdery texture that I don't care for. Do you have any recommendations or do you have a personal favorite? I mention this here because I think you said in the video you were trying a new kind of yogurt...


    April 8, 2008

    Allison - Honestly, I buy whatever is on sale and I tend to like the store brands. If you ever shopped at Aldi's thier Fit&Active brand is good and it's 8oz for 2 points! Very filling.


    April 11, 2008

    This is the best! Way to go guys! I think this is what family and breakfast should be all about.. I know how to make smoothies but this is so adorable! Thanks for the fun.