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Hey Roni,

What kind of knife does your son use in your cooking videos? My 4 year old son loves to bake/cook and I want to get him one – is it just a plastic lettuce knife?

Thx…love your site,

Hi Christie!

Ikea Children utensilsThanks so much for your question! The knives he uses are actually part of a set I purchased at Ikea. We LOVE them and I haven’t been able to find anything similar anywhere. Unfortunately, they aren’t available for purchase online but here’s a picture of them none the less, taken from the Ikea web site.

If you don’t have an Ikea near you, might I recommend this children’s flatware set. It was the only other set I found online.

Hope that helps! Thanks again for your question.


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  1. Noelle

    We have that set too…complete with cups and plates. It’s great all of the kids have their own color and I know who isn’t picking up after themselves!

  2. Jennifer

    My 4 year old daughter uses a kids knife from Pampered Chef. It is kind of “serrated”, yet not sharp to the touch, and requires a sawing motion. She cuts zucchini, asparagus, apples and even carrots. Not the prettiest pieces for presentation, but she loves helping mom!

  3. Tamela

    I just picked up a new set of Gerber toddler utensils at Target the other day. They were less than $5 for the set and my boys love them. They always want to use knives and these were perfect!

  4. Tabitha

    I bought my toddler a Gerber flatware set from Target. It was a 3-pc set (fork, knife, and spoon) for only $3.96 or so. He loves to use his knife when we cook. It’s not sharp at all, but does have the ability to cut through breads, soft fruits, butter, etc.

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