St. Patty’s Day ‘Yelatin’ Treat – Video Post


I love making up my own words. I do it all the time. This one is to describe the jello-yogurt concoction I came up with for St. Patty’s day. It’s green, it’s fun and it’s lite. You can’t beat that!

  • 1 package sugar free lime flavored jello
  • 1 cup boiling water
  • 1 cup (227g) non-fat yogurt
  • ½ cup low fat whipped topping
  • Green sprinkles

Dissolve the jello in the boiling water. Whisk in the yogurt.
Pour in 4 individual cups. Let set for about 2 hours in the fridge.
Top with whipped topping and sprinkles.

St. Patty’s Day ‘Yelatin’ TreatSt. Patty’s Day ‘Yelatin’ Treat

And here are our matching tatoos (mentioned in the video). What could possibly be more fun then making jello and sharing play tattoos with your toddler? What a great Sunday!

St. Patty’s Day ‘Yelatin’ Treat - Tattoos

Approx Nutritional Information per serving
Servings Amt per Serving
4 1 dessert cup
Calories Fat Fiber WWPs
56 1g 0g old: 1 new: 3
Sugar Sat Fat Carbs Protein
6g 1g 24g 4g
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17 Comments and 0 Replies

  1. Sanjana

    Happy St Patty’s Day! Bet these jello taste better with the toddlers hand at work, he is just adorable. The video seems incomplete without his appearance.

  2. MizFit


    (and the rub on tats? love. my toddler is currently sporting a ginormo chest piece :))

    your video concept is far better than mine in that I should try and embrace my Toddler Tornado and not attempt to keep her OUT of the monday face time perhaps—-it’s a struggle.


  3. Tammy

    Love your videos. You guys are TOO cute. Ah how time flies. My own toddlers turned in to teens over night!

    Made the Yelatin tonight to go with the ham dish. Yummy! It tasted like Key Lime pie without the crust! My wheels are turning…….What’s not to love in jello?

  4. Jennie Cake

    I made this tonight too. When I saw the video I knew it had to be dessert tonight. It was delicious and a huge hit with my family. Thank you :)

  5. Stacy

    My 3 year old and I are going to try this tomorrow (I can’t wait, it looks so yummy!!). I know a little late but better than never!! Can I ask what type of digital scale you are using? I want to purchase one to use at home and I am baffled by all of them on the market. TIA for your help!! Keep all of the yummy recipes coming!! I LOVE your site!!

  6. Lisa

    I made this last night and it was very good. I’m thinking we might make some for Easter in Easter colors. Maybe lemon or strawberry kiwi? Love your ideas Roni!

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