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Roasted Peppers and Potatoes – Video Post

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Join me on my crazy hour after work. Don’t worry , the video isn’t actually an hour but I thought I’d invite you into my kitchen while I prepared a new quick side dish for dinner tonight. I totally winged it (I’m sure you can tell by the video).

I’m happy to report the dish was a success! Both the husband and the toddler asked for seconds and I barely have enough leftovers for lunch tomorrow!

Stay tuned until the end, the toddler does make an appearance to say “bye”. This time he distracts me and I forget to try it on camera, AGAIN! But trust me, it came out good!

Roasted Peppers and Potatoes Spices used for the dish and pork chops.

  • Garlic powder
  • Paprika
  • Chili powder
  • Parsley
  • Salt & Pepper

As for the pork chops, heat a skillet over a medium heat and sprayed with non-stick cooking spray. Place the pork chop and sprinkle with spices. Cook for about 5 minutes until you can see they are cooked about half way, you’ll see the gray on the side of the chops. Flip and sprinkle the other side with spices and cook for about another 3-4 minutes.

Note: cooking times for pork will vary base on thickness, mine were pretty thin

I did a quick nutritional analysis on the roasted peppers & potatoes the way I made them in the video.

Aprox Nutritional Information per serving
Servings Calories Fat Fiber
3 110 1g 5g

See other recipes using: mushrooms, onion, peppers, potatoes

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    Jennie Cake

    February 8, 2008

    This looks delicious! I think I am going to try this. Do you rinse your potatoes? The bell pepper is super cute with the bites in it.


    February 8, 2008

    Thanks for the tip on the canned potatoes for a quick side dish--never used those before and wondered about them! Looking forward to trying them!


    February 8, 2008

    I love your website. And your videos. And your easy-going mom personality. And your clean kitchen. Keep up the great work!


    February 8, 2008

    I totally love watching "the toddler" and seeing his influence in your life. I wish my kids would take a bite out of the pepper like that!!


    February 8, 2008

    Thanks guys!! Jennie - I didn't, but that a good idea! Probably get a bit of salt off them.


    February 9, 2008

    And Sarah, the comment about my clean kitchen CRACKS ME UP. It's a mess! I just moved all the crap BEHIND the camera! LOL


    February 9, 2008

    The first thing my toddler (daughter age 4) said when I played the video was "Where's the little boy?" Gosh I think I only watched you videos once when she was around. She has a great memory. This looks great. Can't wait to try. Thanks for everything.


    February 9, 2008

    Love your videos. I, too, discovered the canned potatoes about a year ago. I use the sliced one's with a can of green beans and a dab of olive oil and cook in a skillet. Those potatoes are the easiest thing ever!! I totally understand the toddler taking a bite out of the pepper. I have a nephew (3 years old) that loves lemons, pickles, fruits and veggies. Keep up the great work.


    February 10, 2008

    I probably missed it in the video, but what temperature is the oven set to?

    Jenny O.

    February 10, 2008

    Roni- Great post, and very timely. I roasted my first veggies this weekend, and I was amazed at how wonderful they are. Your post gave me some great new ideas. I had never thought about using canned potatoes and it never occurred to me that I could roast mushrooms. Thanks for helping this novice cook! -Jenny O.


    February 11, 2008

    Yum. I'm definitely trying this. I've never tasted those potatoes before. But, I like the way they can save time...