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Printing Recipes – Just a note!

Posted by 8 years ago 3 Comments

I just wanted to write a quick note about printing my recipes. I’ve been getting some comments and emails about adding a printer friendly version. And I’m happy to say, I don’t have too!

Let me explain….

I have a created this site to have a separate printing style sheet. Which means if you try and print any recipe/post it will print cleanly with no images, ads or navigation.

So please, feel free to print away!

See other recipes using:

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    February 22, 2008

    Mine print with pictures? Not that it matters to me... but just to let you know :-) Really, it is probably something i am doing wrong!! Reply


    February 22, 2008

    Oh yeah! I forgot it ONLY print the image of the actual recipe. So that is correct. Reply


    January 13, 2009

    Have had that question for a while but was afraid to ask as not to sound greedy or ungrateful for the things you do for us!!! Little did I know you were already on top of usual...Thanks Roni!!! Reply