Freezer Tricks – Video Post

As requested, a demonstration of the Meat Storage – Frozen Flat tip. I love when I get a suggestion. It makes it so much easier!

Of course, in addition to the meat storing, I babble on about a few other things as well. ;~P

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  1. Ashley

    This comment actually has nothing to do with this post (although, since I’m a vegetarian me commenting on a post about storing meat is particularly ironic), but I found your site while I was searching for whole wheat bread recipes. I just made your 100% Whole Wheat Banana muffins and they came out really well. I am obsessed with whole wheat breads (especially quick breads), and I have been trying to perfect my whole wheat banana bread recipe for awhile now, but I have now decided to give up and just use yours :) Also I make something almost exactly like your couscous stuffed peppers (except, no leftover turkey for me, of course). Adding the fresh spinach is a really great idea and I’m going to try that. Thanks for having so many quick and easy recipes!

  2. Jennifer

    Hi there.. I just wanted to say that I found the link to your blog on bootcamp buddies .. i think it is fantastic and that your son is way too adorable!

    you look fantastic btw.. way to go!

  3. Amanda

    Thank you for sharing that! I’m always wondering about your frozen meals and now I know! Freezing the meat flat is a great space saver (we do it too but we have the vacuum pack system). I think this is the first video where you didn’t have a green shirt on.

    I will be nursing soon and would LOVE to see the milk storage idea you mentioned, :)

  4. Angela

    Thanks for the demonstration, Roni! I’ve always frozen my ground beef in 1# packages, but I think I’ll start doing 1/2 # packages from now on…makes more sense since it thaws faster and it’s also just the two of us. Besides, if I need 1# I can just grab 2 packages!

    Just a note/tip ~ I always write the date and amount on my ziploc bags, which I see you do as well, but I also write on the bag what’s inside (i.e. 93% vs 97%) so I don’t forget by the time I use it. Helps when I’m trying to figure nutritional information on a recipe.

  5. Christy

    Video idea…

    Pomegranates. I can never get the seeds out with out making a mess. Do you have a way of managing to get the seeds out without splattering juice all over the place?

    btw, the meat storage idea is great:~)

  6. Jamie

    You are amazing!!! I love this tip and the other tips as well…can’t wait to try it out!! I thought it was funny that Amanda noticed you kept wearing green shirts…thought you were doing that on purpose because it is “GreenLiteBites”. Missed the Toddler this time :-)

  7. Lorraine

    Roni I am a big big freezer person and I’m 2 minutes from 2 grocery stores. I like buying when things are on sale and bulk buy special offer foods. I save alot of $$$ doing this.
    I like your tip on ziplock bags..I do it simular but not flat and your idea is better. I will do that in the future.
    Thankyou are..I love your site.

  8. roni

    Thanks guys!

    Ok, the green shirt thing. Yes, YES, this IS the first one I did without a green shirt. It started off as a joke and then became an obsession. This was my PROOF to the husband I could do one without a green shirt. ;~P

  9. Alisha

    I have always loved doing meat this way!! It really is easier to defrost and use. I freeze my leftover soups/chili stuff like this too…lay it flat in the freezer so I can pull out the bag and thaw and put in a pot to heat up for a quick dinner. I have an idea to share with you on pancakes. I usually make a big recipe (since I have three little ones) and we have 20-30 leftover. I lay out saran wrap and line up three pancakes and start rolling the saran wrap, place three more etc. until I end up with a big cylinder shape. Then I place it in a gallon ziploc for extra freezer protection. Then for breakfast, I pull them out and unwrap the saran wrap to get pancakes I need and place in toaster on the frozen setting and place the rest back in the freezer. Ok….long paragraph….I’ll e-mail a picture. I love this site because I’m always looking for new ideas and new recipes. THANK YOU FOR THE WORK YOU PUT INTO IT!

  10. Bev Rockey

    Don’t forget not to heat up your lunch in those plastic containers….harmful. to your health. Just leave a glass bowl at worl :)

  11. stephany

    I just LOVE your organization! You have so many great ideas. The bigger packages of meat are much cheaper and this is the perfect way to save space in the freezer. Thank you for all your hard work in spreading healthy recipes and great ideas. You are a great inspiration.

  12. swizzlepop

    Thank you for doing a video on this. I wish I would have watched it before I went to Costco and bought 8 packages of ground turkey that have taken over my freezer.

    Question about freezing liquids like this (your breast milk), did you ever have problems with the bags leaking?

    Thanks again for always taking the time to show us great tricks and recipes!

  13. roni

    Every now and then, yes I have had them leaked. But mostly when they were banged up a bit from being moved and such. When I make fresh stock when I also freeze it like that as well.

  14. Sarah I

    Yeah! I’ve got to tell you I was filled with pride this morning as I opened my freezer and saw the 8 flat frozen packages that I created yesterday with the 5.5 lbs of 93% lean ground beef I bought. I felt like I was so organized. And I left out 12 oz and your Turkey meatball recipe for my husband to make last night…and he did it! Mmmmm…they were delicious. Your website is really helping me and my family eat healthier without all the fuss. Thank you.

  15. Jessica

    Just tried out this trick last night and it was TOO AWESOME!!! We have a very small freezer and every bit of space really helps. Thanks for the tip!

  16. Michele

    Thanks so much for this tip! I will be using it for all my meat freezing! I already freeze my soups and stocks this way, It never occured to me to freeze meat this way.

  17. Vickie

    I really like this method of storing meat. I usually go ahead and brown a large batch of ground meat (beef or turkey) when I bring it home and then freeze it in individual sizes so that it is ready to pop into soup or whatever when I need it but I still think this flat storage would work well for this also.

    A quick question. What kind of scale do you use? I have a large scale with a dial on the front and needle that is very accurate but it takes a lot of counter space and I cannot zero with a plate or bowl on it. I am looking for a new one and thought yours might be what I am looking for.

    Thanks for the great site!

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